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Cloud village specific weapons list Empty Cloud village specific weapons list

Post  Rasher on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:32 pm

Open to cloud ninja only

Name: Super vibrating lightning release sword
Description: this specialized tanto appears as being quite bright in shade for a metal and is unique in many ways, unlike most tanto it is double sided and strait with no noticeable bloodline and is also devoid of any sort of guard of hilt, the pummel is a simple, rectangular brass cap.
Use: This tanto is similar to “chakra blades” made to aid in the use of chakra flow but specialized for lightning chakra use, the user is able to channel their lightning chakra into the blade, increasing its vibrating frequency and giving it more cutting power than standard wind techniques, able to cleave through even solid metal if the user is proficient enough with it, the blades will glow red yellow and white when being used but the blade itself is in no real danger of melting, these weapons are incredibly conductive and aid in all forms of lighting nin-kenjutsu
Cost: 5
History: Specialized, highly powerful weapons that the cloud village owes its reputation for swordsmanship too.

Name: Wire
Description: Not to be confused with other tools like razor wire or strings, full wire is the string's more functional counterpart. Though just about as flexible as strings wire are noticeably thicker and far more visible, much more like extremely thin cables than metal fishing line.
Use: These wires are real tools, they are not necessarily traps or used in sneak attacks but instead serve a direct purpose as weapons. Often used with battery scrolls these thin metal cords have been engineered to be prime electrical conductors and are to thick to be cut by simple blades, unlike flimsy strings these require formal tools to sever.
Cost: 2
History: More a product of modern advancements in technology then shinobi ingenuity the electrical wires used by cloud village ninja were first created as components in electrical equipment such as communications units but after they began to be produced in large quantities lightning users quickly repurposed the new, stronger strings in to a tool for both constraining and subduing enemies.

Name: Lightning rod kunai
Description: At fist glance these kunai are only abnormal in their yellow handle wrappings and cubic back ends as posed to rings but in reality these are a complex pre-prepared weapon loaded with a very small seal and lighting chakra
Use: After these kunai hit something the back ends actually open discharge a few sparks of electricity, this is not to attack but rather to direct any stray currents of lightning to the kunai and by extension the target near by
Cost: 3
History: Often times Lightning can not be redirected once called out by a lightning user, and some lightning techniques are particularly hard to aim at smaller targets, for this purpose the lightning rod kunai was made allowing lightning ninjutsu users a newfound level of flexibility in combat.

Name: Battery scrolls
Description: Midsized yellow scrolls with dark grey tips and black lightning bolts along the sides
Use: These scrolls are specially made fuuninjutsu (seals) that store up electric current, then the user can open the scroll to call large amounts of lightning out for lightning ninjutsu even after they have depleted their chakra reserves entirely, or alternatively use the scrolls as a source for smaller sustained current over time. The battery scrolls can be used to make metal conductors live-wires or discharge a blast of lighting equivalent to a c rank offensive jutsu. (can be used in the requirements for custom swaps to increase the amount of lightning in techniques)
Cost: 4
History: It is a well known fact that lightning jutsu uses the most chakra out of all the five elements, ninja in the cloud created battery scrolls to elevate that problem.

Name: Thundercloud smoke bombs
Description: Smaller light blue balls with yellow rings down the center and red dots on either side.
Use: Like an ordinary smoke bomb this tool explodes in to a dense fog like smokescreen obscuring visibility, however these particular smoke bombs have been formulated to generate a mineral rich mist which is highly conductive and receptive to electricity, as if a storm cloud had been called from the sky down to the battlefield making lightning jutsu much more effective.
Cost: 3
History: Invented by cloud ninja who had become frustrated with electricity’s need for a conductor to pass through in order to create an effective tool and trap for opponents

Name: EMP grenade
Description: A black metal mine shaped device with a pull tab
Use: Using lightning chakra inside it generates an electromagnetic pulse that disables radio frequencies, as most ninja use communicators on missions this can be a problem for opponents and careless allies, the range is about fifty meters and the duration is about 5 posts, this will disable any other electronic equipment
Cost: 2
History: the shinobi world was proud to invent the personal communicator, other ninja were proud to have found a way to destroy it.

Name: Stun tags
Description: Yellow tags with seals inscribed on
Use: placed on hostages or sometimes hapless enemies, when the seal is broken a somewhat powerful jolt of electricity is released, causing the victim to be stunned for a few seconds and partialy paralyzed for three posts, this will also alert the one who placed the tag, remote detonation is not however possible so if the victim does nothing to break the seal on the tag no harm will come to them, however the user can simple break it themselves if they are near by. These can also be placed on doors and locked compartments to shock unsuspecting potential enemies and is useful both as a trap and means of detection in addition to detention.
Cost: 3
History: invented when simply tying an enemy ninja up just wasn’t enough.

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