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Post  Rasher on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:34 pm

Name: Sand gourd
Description: Tough gourds are quite common this gourd was made specifically for sand users, not only is the gourd totally packed with sand but it is also made entirely of paced sand, when its full the entire gourd is considered a giant totally solid body of condensed sand, it possesses a shoulder strap and a cork though the cork is really just for show. These are available in small medium or large sizes (must specify in your weapons list)
Use: Used to bring sand with the sand user where ever he or she may go, the gourd itself being made of sand as well is typically considered an ace in the hole.
Cost: 2 per small container (two scrolls in size), 3 for medium (large pouch in size) and 4 for large (Jonin vest in size), 6 for extra large (large backpack size)

Name: Giant folding fan
Description: Though fans are used by many wind release users no fan is considered as large or powerful as the giant folding fan. Made of steel instead of wood with canvas instead of paper the giant folding fan is easily two and a half feet long and four feet wide when opened.
Use: though it’s chief use is in wind ninjutsu the fan can be used to block attacks and projectiles easily and is sturdy enough to be used as a powerful blunt object, a single wave of such a large powerful fan is enough to blow away multipul projectile weapons, making it a greatly valued weapon
Cost: 6

-Puppet components-

Name: String spinners
Description: A hidden compartment on the puppet’s torso which opens to reveal a complex mechanism capable of spinning multiple chakra strings
Use: This enables the user to create multiple strings so that they can use additional puppets with out having to use one hand or fewer fingers on the one, though ordinary string spinners are difficult to operate, a genin level student would only be able to create five more strings (in effect having three hands worth), a chunin can spin ten (in effect having four hands to control puppet with) a jonin can spin up to fifteen (five hands) and an s rank ninja can spin up to twenty (enabling them to puppet as many as three puppeteers could)
Cost: 5

Name: Mechanic light shield seal
Description: This chakra shield can be installed in any puppet. A mechanism inside the puppet opens its arms into a couple of segments, through which the user radiates their chakra. The chakra spreads out like a thin film and turns into a protective sheet, blocking all physical attacks and some jutsu. Where as this does block physical objects like kunai or senbon it dose allow material to pass through, which can cause the mechanism to become jammed.
Use: used to defend a puppet from ninjutsu attacks that would normally overwhelm it, the shield can block a single b rank jutsu, two c rank, or four d rank jutsu before dissolving for the rest of the thread
Cost: 4 per sheild

Name: Mechanical chakra blades
Description: A mechanism which opens out of a desired part of the puppet (for example the mouth or hand) that produces a cutting blade of chakra, these mechanism can also be made to spin and when combined can create a “shuriken” effect
Use: used simply as a weapon where metallic retracting blades would not normaly fit in to the puppet’s design. The chakra blade is not solid and cannot be caught stuck or trapped by physical means and instead acts as an intangible cutting edge.
Cost: 3 per blade

Name: Needle bomb
Description: A specialized projectiel involving a canister which jettisons many small wooden cylinders that open scattering countless senbon over a large area, the effect is said to be somewhere between a rain of needles and an explosion but is decidedly single-use
Use: a devastatingly effective single projectile built in to the arm or torso of a puppet, designed to scatter countless needles over a massive area as quickly as posible, an ideal catalyst for poison as avoiding every single needle is nearly imposible
Cost: 4 (limit one per puppet)

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