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Universal Weapons list Empty Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:14 pm

-Smaller weapons-

Name: Caltrops
Appearance: Small but very sharp little metallic barbs which resemble Jacks or pyramid shaped pieces contained in a bag or pouch, small but razor jagged and numerous enough to cover a wide area
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Definitely more of a distraction if anything. Caltrops, are small metal tacks that heroes normally throw on the ground behind them when trying to flee, thus following opponents step onto the tacks, cutting their feet up. These are easily noticed, but sometimes they can be used to hinder pursuers. Though small they can pierce through decently thick shoes

Name: Throwing stars
Appearance: Typically throwing stars, also called shuriken are four pointed metallic stars with sharp edges and points with a hole in the center but other shapes have been seen around the world
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A basic projectile. Throwing stars normally have four points each side. They are sharp and can be used as a basic weapon or for distracting opponents. One of the most common thrown weapons found in the world While a needle can only be thrown in a straight arc, throwing stars can be thrown any way the user can manage and will always land point first.

Name: Throwing needles
Appearance: Somewhat long, slender needles of a sturdy, sharp metal about the length of a knife
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Normally thrown-weapon users choose between these needles and knives. The difference is quite obvious. Throwing needles are small and slender, much like long toothpicks, and take quite a-many to bring down the opponent, though they are much harder to see and to avoid as they are lighter and fly faster. However, throwing needles are not seen nearly as often, because they require much more skill and knowledge for effective use.

Name: Throwing knives
Appearance: Small knives with a spade like blade, a thinner wrapped handle with a ring on the end, nothing fancy but plenty effective and razor sharp with two edges coming to a deadly point
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: One of the most common weapons among heroes, throwing knives, sometimes called kunai are small daggers. They are made of metal and, far sharper then they look. They are easer to spot and fly slower then needles but deal more damage due to their larger size and weight. Mainly, throwing knives are used as distraction. Throwing knives are good for both long-distance and close-combat fighting but they can only be thrown in a straight line, point first.

Name: Wooden sword (or club)
Appearance: Modeled after standard types of swords (usually the one handed ones) the wooden sword is made out of a solid, dense wood or a few sticks of bamboo and come in various shapes and designs
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A wooden sword, often used in place of a metal one. A wooden blade is often used for training and polite duels. Despite its inability to cut, a wooden blade can cause a decent amount of damage if swung with enough force and is by no means the 'bloodless' weapon it is often referred to as.

Name: Dagger (also known as a dirk or tactical knife)
Appearance: The smallest sword, somewhere between a knife and a proper blade single edged with a strait blade and a curve at the end to a lethal point. Used best for defensive parries or swift, repeating thrusts the hand-blade is often wielded off-hand or used as by physical heroes merely to block sword strikes.
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A relatively short sword, enabling the user swift movement. The hand-blade is mostly used as a sword for defense, not capable of fencing on long range with a larger sword, and should be handled as such.

Name: Scalpel
Appearance: Almost brush like in shape with a very long handle and short, very sharp blade on the end, though it is hardly a real weapon the scalpel is insanely, improbably sharp but it is made for precision rather then cutting power.
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: comes sanitary  
Origin: Description: Usually a tool for surgeons and medics, a scalpel can act as an improvised weapon by those skilled in its use. While a scalpel is about as long as a throwing needle, the blade itself is only an inch long, though razor sharp. A scalpel can be thrown, but cannot pierce as far as a proper thrown weapon and is not weighted for it.

Name: Blowgun and darts
Appearance: A long wooden tube with an assortment of metal darts
Rank: 2 for the blowgun, 1 for the darts
Special Abilities: none (poison is separate)
Origin: Usually just a wooden or metal pipe, these blowguns, varying in length between 3 inches and 20 inches, are used to blow air into one side, so a dart will shoot out at the other side. Darts itself can be drenched in poison, or simply be sharp. Either-way, this is a very lethal weapon if used by a master.

Name: Double edged knives
Appearance: larger, double sided throwing knives with a handle in the middle, same quantity as throwing knives
Cost: 3
Special Abilities: larger and sturdier than normal throwing knives, meant as a melee weapon
Origin: A throwing blade designed more for close combat, weighted and formed for durability and power, the advantage over a hand blade here being that they are preferred for brawlers rather then knife wielders as blades are shorter but best complement closed-fists around their handles for their use. Though they can also be used in traps as they can be stabbed in to a surface and still have a blade facing outward.

Name: Explosive pouches
Appearance: Very small bags with a red symbol on them
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Pretty similar to, but weaker than, the explosive tags. Explosive pouches are tiny bags containing explosive powder and have a small hook on them. These pouched are roughly the size of a golf ball. They can discretely be attached on an enemy or surface without them noticing anything until its too late. The explosion they cause is very small and does not hurt the enemy that much, just more then a large firecracker but will stun them severely. This item is better used in trap construction.

Name: Razor wire
Appearance: a decently large spool of silvery wire, with a diamond shaped cross section rather then the circular cross section of ordinary wire and string
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Simple yet deadly, razor wire is string designed to be sharp enough to easily cut through flesh. Razor Wire, like string, is relatively easy to break. However, direct contact with the skin (assuming any force is exerted on the wire by the body) will cut into the skin and could, if placed correctly, prove lethal.

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Wed May 01, 2013 4:23 am

-Items and Tools-

Name: Seeds
Appearance: Various shapes and sizes of seeds contained in a bag or pocket, typically fed mana to grow for use in certain spells
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: required for the grass kingdom's seed techniques
Origin: Most Grass heroes and some Stone heroes need seeds for their spells so they carry around pouches or small bags of seeds wherever they go. This can assist them with various techniques that they may have.

Name: Strings
Appearance: Spools of very thin threads made of very durable fibers or metal
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Thin wires, nearly invisible to the untrained eye, these strings are used for various purposes. Quite sturdy and flexible, they however can easily be cut, but, in turn, can used to restrain opponents, set up traps, or potentially as a weapon.

Name: Sealing tags
Appearance: Thin sheets of paper or cards very much like blank explosive tags sealing tags are rectangular slips of paper with an inscribed border and a seal that the user made beforehand, these can be made to have a variety of effects based on which technique is used with them
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: Required for seal techniques
Origin: Used in magical seals as well as in sealing techniques, an uncommon item useful only in the hands of someone who has mastered them

Name: Scrolls
Appearance: Rolls of paper with rods in the center for structure
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: Required for most summons, used in magical seals, and can store items without a spell or technique
Origin: Another basic item. Scrolls are used for various things such as containing, sealing, summoning, or simply containing lessons on techniques inside them. Beyond being useful just for writing on, scrolls may also contain the excess items needed for projectile attacks and may even be used to seal and summon other items in a character's inventory.

Name: Bells
Appearance: Small metallic round bells affixed to things with a string
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: required for some sound spells and illusions
Origin: A basic item really, which purpose has been altered to a hero's purpose. Bells are often used by sound heroes, tied to throwing needles, and thus used to fake the opponent. Basically, when a needle with a bell attached is thrown, the opponent dodges, but then the user begins throwing ones without bells along with the ones with bells, and the opponent will not dodge the needle, since he doesn't hear the bell. A very old technique really, most notice it on sight.

Name: Breathing apparatus
Appearance: A face-mask that covers the nose and mouth with two oversized filters on either side strapped to the head, usually black
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: filters out airborne poisons and allows for extended time underwater
Origin: simple device that fits over the mouth of the user. It can partially filter tainted air to provide the user protection from gases and poisons, affording the user a few extra minutes of precious air. Its most important use is specifically for allowing breathing under water. This comes in several styles. The device seems to be a favorite of water specialist Cloud, Rain and Mist heroes

Name: Communications unit
Appearance: a black earpiece attached to a small microphone with a set of dials and buttons on the side
cost: 2
Special Abilities: wireless communication
Origin: The basic communications device, the frequencies can be changed at the drop of the dime, but due to its simplicity anyone can tune into the broadcasts. Certain Frequencies have been known to actually be charged with chakra for high security between special squad units. Attaches to the ear with a small microphone extending towards the mouth.

Name: Palm claws (climbing claws)
Appearance: wooden blocks strapped to the hands with a metal piece and spikes facing outward from the palm
cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A climbing tool designed to be worn on the hands, being small leather strap connected around the wrists. The claws enable ninjas to climb walls and trees and can be used for self defense to block attacks and scratch melee attackers.

Name: Foot spikes (for climbing)
Appearance: a metal bar fitted to shoes with large metal spikes on it
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A row of four spikes that can be worn on sandals, strapped around the foot. They help ninjas to climb walls and trees and can be used for self defense by adding some extra damage to kicks and blocking weapons.

Name: Smoke bombs
Appearance: Small spheres with a darker color kept in pouches
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: creates a smoke screen (lasts 1 round, or until everyone in the thread has had one turn)
Origin: The most common escape tool, yet still hardly used. A smoke bomb makes a veil of smoke appear from its contents, making the opponent, unable to find you. Though, the same effect applies to you when you use it. This is still however very effective if used to catch opponents off guard and escape or reposition for a stealth attack.

Name: Gas grenade
Appearance: larger canisters with lids that have rings in them, the rings are pulled before the canister is thrown
Cost: 3
Special Abilities: greater smoke screen (2 rounds, or until the user has had 1 turn including the turn the smoke was released), can be fitted with poisons (separately)
Origin: A bigger, heavier yet more effective gas weapon than the smoke bomb. It is a small metal canister that contains thick black smoke. When the pin is pulled out, it detonates after a few seconds. The smoke coming out from the grenade covers a larger area and lasts longer than the standard smoke bomb.

Name: Gourd/container
Appearance: typically a rounded shaped container either a sphere or “peanut” like shape usually held with a strap and sealed with a cork.
Cost: 2 per small container (two scrolls in size), 3 for medium (large pouch in size) and 4 for large (human torso in size), 6 for extra large (very large backpack size)
Special Abilities: (must include what the gourd is full of)
Origin: Simply a container to hold something a hero requires to fight. It could also be used to hold water for Mist heroes, sand for a Sand heroes, or even clay for a Stone heroes. Its up to the user, really. These gourds come in two varieties, small which are useful for holding liquids and typically attached to the user via a belt at their waist. The large gourds are typically worn on the back, which can hold vastly more material.

Name: Grappling hook)
Appearance: A four-sided iron hook on a long rope. Useful for climbing and apprehension.
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Made for scaling walls and higher trees, uncommon as most ninja learn to do so by other means

Name: Flash-bang
Appearance: a baseball sized brown sphere wrapped in brown paper seals
Cost: 3
Special Abilities: Explodes in to a large flair and booming sound (blinds anyone looking directly at it for one post, the sound and light count as two extenuating circumstances against focus)
Origin: Another rare item the flash bang is basically a large ball, that, when on impact, creates a massive light that blinds opponents. Naturally its advantages are obvious, though in the hands of a some heroes, it is extremely effective crowd control as it breaks focus instead of simply obscuring vision. Quite a useful item indeed.

Name: Brush and ink set
Appearance: A regular calligraphy brush with a container of black ink. Without the spells and techniques used with them they are only useful as writing instruments.
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: Required for seal making and some ink-based fundamental spells
Origin: Normally used in magical seals or some summons the pen and ink can also be used for its own unique style of magic  

Name: Flutes (or any other ordinary musical instrument)
Appearance: a hollow wooden flute made of bamboo
Cost: 1 (same as the cost for ANY musical instrument)
Special Abilities: used as a trigger for certain illusion trees (can be used as a trigger for custom trees)
Origin: Flutes are known to be a common musical instrument, though, in the hands of one skilled in illusions it can become a deadly weapon, common among sound heroes. Indeed, one willing to take the time to learn and master this, could hold quite a powerful opponent.

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Wed May 01, 2013 4:23 am

-Full-sized weapons-

Name: Fans (weaponized)
Appearance: Any weaponized paper or cloth fan, not giant in size but large enough to count as a standard folding fan, they can be lined with metal along the edges and have reinforced, with metal bars along the sides
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: Usable in wind spells, can be smuggled in to secure locations as hidden weapons
Origin: Another strange, yet useful weapon. Fans range from small to large, and usually have some form of design on them. The fan in its folded state can be used as a blunt instrument and the edge of the fan can swiftly slice at opponents.

Name: Hand-sickles  
Appearance: A one foot long wooden handle with a strait blade on the top, not a conventional full scythe but a smaller, hand-scythe more suited to close combat and easier to wield, the blade can be made to fold in to the handle to suppress opponents or be reinforced and stationary for a sturdier weapon. The sickle could also have a small handle with an elongated, curved blade
Cost: 4 each
Special Abilities: none
Origin: The shape of these weapons reminds of pickaxes. Not only are hand-sickles deadly weapons in close combat, but are also good throwing weapons and tools to climb with. They are twice as deadly when used as a pair. Sickles were once used as farming tools to harvest crops, and were adapted by heroes disguised as or descending from farmers but are now as common a sight as swords on some battlefields.

Name: Whip
Appearance: A long type of leather whip with hard covered handle, these weapons can be of minimum 3 feet length, and maximum of 15 feet, rolled up. The longer it is, the harder it can it, but the more difficult and slow it is to pull back out of an attack again. The most powerful types of whips are capable of cutting flesh and bone, even, and are usually accompanied by a small hook or blade on the end point.
Cost: 3
Special Abilities: Can strike at supersonic speeds, the crack sound of a whip is in fact a sonic boom
Origin: Though the whip has existed for some time its light and flexible nature first appeared in the hands of ninja as a tool for disarming opponents by swiftly striking the hands of an armed attacker at a distance. A skilled user can coil a whip around a weapon and pull it quickly away from its user, disarming them entirely.

Name: Weighted chain
Appearance: like a chain whip made of titanium which is 50% lighter and 30% stronger than steel. A chain whip is less flexible than a leather whip but it is much harder for the enemy to cut or destroy it. The ends of the chain do not have handles but instead small weights, for ease of swinging, throwing, and even striking. The weighted chain can be used as a bolas to snare targets or as a powerful blunt and flexible weapon
Cost: 4
Special abilities: none
Origin: One of the ordinal weapons used in weapons skills, even in the time before heroes appeared on battlefields the weighted chains are an extremely versatile tool usable for capturing, disarming or just dealing heavy blunt damage to opponents

Name: Bladed knuckles
Appearance: Bladed brass knuckles with an added edge off to one side.
Cost: 4 (for a pair, 2 each)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: These are probably easiest referred to as brass knuckles, yet a long blade extends from the side of it as well. Though it requires a lot of close range action. This weapon is ideal for users who specialize in martial arts.

Name: Giant throwing stars
Appearance: oversized shuriken, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, these typically have blades on one side of the "points"
Cost: 3
Special Abilities: None
Origin: Giant throwing stars vary quite a bit, some are star shaped with various points, others curve at the ends like blades rather then points. Though one would presume they are large, and thus, more damaging, due to their size they are quite easily dodged, though they make quite a useful distraction, and sometimes, a useful weapon if used correctly, one decisive advantage is that the giant throwing star severs rather then pierces.

Name: Batons (knight sticks)
Appearance: essentially a bar or cylinder with a handle jutting out at a right angle, the batons are three inches longer than the fore arm on each side and have a knob on the far end of the handle
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: wood or metal
Origin: Sometimes called tonfa, in one form or another, have been around since the inception of martial arts. A typical baton might be a flat cut, or circular cut wood plank, about 24 inches in total length, with a handle projecting perpendicular, several inches in from one of the ends.

Name: Short sword
Appearance: A single hand sword, many different shapes and sizes but always short and balanced enugh for single handed use
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A sword of just below average length, balanced between offensive and defensive use. A short sword is mostly carried as a secondary weapon along with another, duel wielding. It possessed a better range than the dagger, but is still not as long as a bastard sword.

Name: Bastard sword  
Appearance: a long flat, single edged blade with a slight curve and rounded guard, usable with one hand but also with two hands, the standard, and ideal sword for blade users
Cost: 6
Special Abilities: none
Origin: The well known long sword, used as both offensive and defensive tool. It is the most used sword type of all, and seen in many various styles.

Name: Long Swords
Appearance: The larger and unwieldy sword, is well over the length of the bastard but essentially the same otherwise, far to large to be used with one hand.
Cost: 7
Special Abilities: none
Origin: created as a field sword the long blade is entirely made for battle being farthest reaching and heaviest of its set with the most cutting power

Name: Spears
Appearance: any weapon with a pole handle and pointed metal end
Cost: 6
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Literally the most common weapon in the world. Spears can be everything from the basic staff with a metal pike at the end, to a more complex or ornate design. They vary quite a bit, and require overall less work to master than a normal sword, so most tend not to stray from them due to their advantageous long range

Name: three section staff
Appearance: a more robust and larger variation on the nunchaku, contain three larger sections
Cost: 5
Special Abilities:
Origin: Three iron or wooden poles, each about 14 inches long, connected by 3 or 4 inch long small chains. This is a lethal bashing weapon, capable of causing severe damage to the enemy.

Name: Chain scythe
Appearance: traditionally called kusarigama the curved hand sickle (handle with a protruding scythe like blade) on the end of a long chain with a weight on the other end, though there is some variation between designs, some actually having much shorter chains which retract in to the handle
Cost: 6
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A term used for various weapon pieces combined by a chain. In this case, connecting a long stick to a sickle with a long chain. The chain can be fitted inside the stick to make it function as a regular hand scythe. This weapon is almost impossible to wield correctly and involves swinging the chain in one hand and using the sickle as a melee weapon in the other

Name: Morningstar
Appearance: This weapon is a 2 foot long straight stick, with a two and a half foot chain attached to the top ending in an iron ball fitted with spikes.
Cost: 6
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A devastatingly powerful flexible weapon that is relatively difficult to use. The chain could be fitted in side the stick like the chain scythe, and used as a mace.

Name: Exploding tag
Appearance: Rectangular slips of paper with seals drawn on
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: Explosive
Origin: An add-on to projectile weapons, though it could be added to a variety of things. Explosive tags are papers with seals inscribed upon them that, when making contact with a target or upon the user's will (detonated as a free action), causes the seal to erupt and explode, damaging all the surrounding. The blast radius is large, and if struck directly, and opponent would most definitely be injured, the force is more then a firecracker but less then a grenade and is all fire, with no shrapnel of any kind.

Name: Bow and arrows
Appearance: A curved piece of wood or metal fitted with a string which fires small wooden sticks with sharp metal ends
Cost: 4 (includes bow and ordinary arrows)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A relatively ancient weapon that has largely been phased out in favor of thrown weapons for many heroes. Though they are rarely used, one is promised a safe distance from their opponent, as long as they can aim and strike properly. Basic arrows are included with the weapon, but there are additional types on the arrows that can be found as well.

Name: Staff
Appearance: a long wooden (sometimes metal) pole, longer then a cane and roughly six feet long normally but can be reasonably expected to be a few inches taller or shorter then its user depending on personal preference
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A long slender pole that is used in fighting. Quite often the mark of someone new to melee combat as they are occupationally easy to learn to use. A staff can be made out of anything from simple wood to complex steel.

Name: Telescoping staff
Appearance: like an ordinary metal staff with horizontal lines going down the middle, however the staff actually contains several layers of hollow, pipe like material rather than sturdy solid wood or metal and can be made to extend
Cost: 5
Special Abilities: The pole can be made to extend to a certain length
Origin: Used to trick opponents in to thinking that the weapon is only so long so as to catch them off guard this weapon has many other practical uses

Name: Warclub
Appearance: Large wood and sometimes metallic clubs with four feet in length and weighs upwards of thirty five pounds, covered in metallic studs or spikes, the club is bulky and heavy to use but can deal large amounts of damage
Cost: 8 (not usable by low-tier strength characters)
Special abilities: excessive size and weight, solid and durable, can basically outright crush targets
origin: an ancient weapon commonly seen as being carried by mythical ogres, only seldom used by most heroes, often kept inside scrolls due to their weight

Name: nunchaku
Appearance: Simply put, these are two sticks or rods with a rope or chain in the middle.
Cost: 6 (for both, one pair for 3)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Mostly used in pairs, these weapons deliver heavy bashing damage, but should not be taken lightly by the user; many a nunchaku using rookie has been hit by his own weapon...

Name: Scythe
Appearance: long, curved staves with smaller handles along the sides with a very large curved perpendicular blade on one end
Cost: 6
Special Abilities: none
Origin: This weapon is the bigger and longer version of the single handed scythe. Usually held by two hands, this weapon is prominent for its range and hooking ability. This is also the legendary weapon of the metaphorical avatar of death.

Name: Great spear
Appearance: An extremely long spear, the great-spear normally is shaped like a halberd, it's tip more of a trusting blade in its own right than it would be a simple spiked triangular point.
Cost: 7
Special Abilities: great reach
Origin: powerful in use, and, thanks to it's balanced outline, quick to use, on the contrary to regular spears. These were typically used in the days before heroes as great numbers of soldiers could carry them in formation

Name: Battle axe
Appearance: A 4 feet long staff with a heavily sized blade on top, these are the largest possible battle axes.
Cost: 8
Special Abilities: extreme size
Origin: Easily capable of bashing through castle gates, slam down complete horses, and so on. To wield this heavy weapon, though, one has to be of great physical size and power.

Name: Cleaver sword
Appearance: an oversized, flat blade that is so large it needs to be folded in on a metal hinge to fit in a scabbard, as wide as a battle axe but as long as a two handed sword
Cost: 9
Special Abilities: extreme size
Origin: A massive type of sword that is almost never seen due to its absurd size and weight. The blade is almost five feet long and very thick and broad, making the sword very heavy and hard to carry and swing. However, by sacrificing speed and agility, the Cleaver sword gains tremendous cutting power to easily cut anything that comes in its path, whether it is humans or swords makes no difference. Parrying a Cleaver Sword is almost impossible as the opponent’s blade will most definitely break. The broad blade also offers the sword to be used as a shield against projectiles. for ease of carrying the blade often folds vertically with two or three hinges
Note: Characters with lower Strength will have trouble using this weapon.

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

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Poison's durations expressed in posts refer to the victim's posts.
Poisons can be applied to maximum two weapons or items, after that you must buy the poison a second time

Name: Enfeebling  poison
Appearance: a clear odorless liquid
Cost: 3
Duration: 4 rounds
Special Abilities: each stack of poison reduces strength and speed by 1 tier, causes weakness in the body
Origin: Probably the most common variety of poison for heroes who rely on strategy over brawn in that it can be employed to close gaps in physical prowess, a strong enemy can be worn away from within and made helpless as a kitten with this poison, making easy prey. It spreads fastest when applied via blades or needles but can also be applied to a drink as its odorless and tasteless, if ingested by drinking the poison applies 4 stacks and the duration is doubled

Name: Paralytic poison
Appearance: A dull yellowish green gas or liquid
Cost: 5
Duration: two post delay upon infection, after that paralysis for 2 posts, dose not stack
Spacial abilities: Causes paralysis
Origin: Why bother weakening your enemies with poison over time when you can just make them in to sitting ducks? This very popular poison is used to apply crowed control effects on enemies by paralyzing them in time to land a killing blow, making it very common among assassins

Name: Hallucinogenic Poison
Appearance: A purple gas or liquid
Cost: 2
Duration: 3 posts
Special Abilities: causes blurred or doubled vision and even mild hallucinations
Origin: One of the few poisons that can be administered either through inhalation, or via injection, likely through cuts delivered by poison coated weapons. This poison in sufficient doses can cause blurring of vision, and in severe cases even mild hallucinations which can vary between victims. Several glancing cuts from a kunai or other item coated with this poison can be enough to cause blurring of vision, but direct unguarded strikes can cause it almost immediately. The poison may also be released in a gaseous form from small glass vials, however prolonged exposure is required in order for it to have any significant effect, and even then they will likely take longer to produce symptoms. Effects usually disappear after three posts.

Name: Lingering poison
Appearance: A green liquid
Cost: 4
Duration: whole thread (however the effects are not fast acting or inherently debilitating)
Special Abilities: Causes flu like symptoms, most effective to disable targets for extended missions
Origin: This poison must be introduced into the bloodstream specifically, but only a small amount is necessary for its effects to be felt. The poison often takes several minutes to work, but once it does the target will feel a rapid increase in body temperature, followed by an intense feeling of nausea. This is generally the peak of the symptoms seen, though the high temperature will often cause the target to sweat intensely and can lead to dizziness if steps aren't taken to avoid dehydration. This poison isn't life threatening, nor is it so debilitating that one may be incapable of fighting, but the effects linger for a great deal of time. In cases of significant exposure it can take up to two days for the effects to subside, though bouts of nausea can continue for up to a week in some instances.

Name: Sleeping gas
Appearance: A blue gas or liquid
Cost: 5
Duration: Harsh fatigue for 1 post, unconsciousness for 6 posts
Special Abilities: Causes victims to lose consciousness
Origin: A common poison which is administered though inhalation, the victim will experience sudden fatigue early on, followed by a subtle numbness and eventually blurred vision and total loss of energy before succumbing to a very sudden, deep sleep. There are no lasting effects to this, it is merely used to put opponents to sleep for periods of time.

Name: Numbing poison
Appearance: A green liquid
Cost: 3
Duration: effected body part remains numb for 6 posts
Special Abilities: A tranquilizer
Origin: A poison which, once introduced to the bloodstream totally numbs the effected area for a longer period of time (almost an hour) rendering limbs unable to move as if asleep, it is used to disable an opponent with out harming them so they might be taken in alive or subdued more easily, if the poison is introduced to the neck back or torso it will cause fatigue and even loss of consciousness in some victims. This poison also makes a very good anesthetic for medics though they usually use medical spells to lessen pain and put patents to sleep.

Name: Corrosive poison
Appearance: A bright orange liquid
Cost: 4
Durration: n/a, applies an "on hit" effect
Special Abilities: burns injuries to worsen them
Origin: when an injury is dealt with a weapon laced with this poison it causes the injury to burn painfully and actually widen and worsen the wound causing it to have a reputation as being particularly horrific, the corrosion is slow but persists until the injury is flushed with cool water and can become very severe if not treated

Name: Torturous poison
Appearance: A dull ugly brownish liquid
Cost: 3
Duration: 3 posts (each application stacks another extenuating circumstance of pain to break focus)
Special Abilities: Causes immense pain
Origin: This poison is a very rare and has a particularly terrifying reputation, the poison must be introduced in to the victims bloodstream and while it does not harm the victim phisicaly but causes a very intense pain for a period of time, this typicaly disables the victim from the sevear pain they are feeling and often ends battles quickly, this poison will however wear off by the end of the day (thread) but gets its most sevear before fadeing away

Name: Lethal poison
Appearance: a black liquid
Cost: 12
Duration: depends on exposure, but effects are always lethal by the end of the thread if untreated
Special Abilities: lethal
Origin: As the name suggests this particular poison is made solely for killing. Even a small amount of this poison can be enough to kill a person, though the speed at which it works is greatly dependant on how much a person is exposed to. With a large degree of exposure (such as a poison coated kunai being shoved into your stomach), death can result in a matter of minutes if no help is received, but glancing strikes require substantially greater time to kill, often between two - five hours. This particular lethal poison is considered a good one for use in assassinations purely because the target will often fall unconscious before dying, and any trace of it quickly disappears within six hours of the targets death, as such it can often make a persons death appear to be of natural causes. Additionally the poison may be introduced orally, though its efficacy is somewhat lessened, often requiring the users entire supply of poison (one small glass vial) be used, resulting in death between 5 minutes and 1 hour, the time varying between targets.
Note: This poison can only be used once a thread. Permission from the victim's owner must also be given.

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Wed May 01, 2013 4:30 am


Though armor can block physical attacks overloading with armor can hinder speed

Name: Buckler (small shield)
Appearance: Various shapes of shields that are roughly large enough to cover only the face of its wielder, these can be strapped to the for-arm or held in the hand without taking up a hand and will not weigh the users arm down significantly.
Cost: 1 (wood) 2 (metal)
Special abilities: none
Origin: Used by heroes who prefer mobility and maneuverability to a more solid defense the buckler is a cheap and easy to use accessory more so then a proper shield but is actually also an effective weapon as the user can simply hold the straps in their hand and use the entire shield as a cover for their fist.

Name: Light shield
Appearance: Any shield large enough to cover one quarter of its user's body, this allows for larger scale blocking of weapons and even perhaps a spell or two, but it is bulkier and harder to use and therefor takes up one hand. It can be used to knock targets away by swinging the arm strapped to it but is best used as a mobile defensive cover.
Cost: 2 (wood) 4 (metal)
Special abilities: none
Origin: The preferred shield used by warriors before heroes replaced them, still occasionally seen in the hands of heroes who value defensive tactics.

Name: Heavy shield
Appearance: Any shield large enough to cover one half of the user's body, with careful positioning the user could easily crouch down and hide behind this shield completely, but it takes up an entire arm and hand to use and weighs that arm down slightly. This can be used to check or tackle opponents but is to bulky for anything else.
Cost: 3 (wood) 6 (metal)
Special abilities: none
Origin: The shield of knights before heroes widely replaced them, commonly used in

Name: Tower shield
Appearance: The defensive equivalent of a cleaver sword, the tower shield values defense over mobility, speed, and even offense as it is large enough for the user to hide behind without crouching or ducking at all. This shield is basically a portable wall the user carries with them at all times and can block very large scale attacks and is so massive that it touches the ground most of the time. This is too large to really use as a weapon and weighs down the user as much as a cleaver sword would.
Cost: 4 (wood) 8 (metal)
Special abilities: Extreme size
Origin: This was never really used in single combat in the age before heroes, but was only seen in full on warfare, this shield gives unparalleled defensive advantage but is too impractical for most heroes to use.

Name: Greaves (knee and shin guards)
Appearance: Metallic plates worn on the sins strapped to the legs covering the shins, knee caps and the ankles
Cost: 1 for leather 2 for chain 3 for plate (for both legs)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Simple metal plates that strap around one's shin. They come in various shapes and sizes, from ones that way up to 2 pounds and go outside of clothing to thin ones that go under clothing.

Name: Bracers (wrist and for-arm guards)
Appearance: Metal plates that cover the fore arm up to the elbow and the back of the hand in the traditional, strait forward style
Cost: 1 for leather 2 for chain 3 for plate (for both arms)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A common, light weight and dependable protection for heroes which can be easily hidden under large, baggy selves and is sturdy enough to parry a sword strike.

Name: Gauntlets (metal gloves)
Appearance: simple plated gloves that cover the hands and fingers, they are plated and do not restrict movement but typically only cover the back of the hand, though the palm is protected by a less ridged chain mail in most cases.
Cost: 1 for leather 2 for chain 3 for plate (both hands)
Special abilities: none
Origin: An absolute must-have for any melee weapon's user, this prevents weapons from falling down off guards and on to hands causing damage, and also enhances the physical force of a punch, though seldom preferred by mages as they make the finesse required for some arcane gestures difficult to muster

Name: Sabaton (armored boots)
Appearance: Sturdy footwear with metal plates on the foot and on the soles which also sport mild cleats. Good for keeping one's grip on the ground, or rock climbing. The boots weigh about 3 pounds each, and are made of rubber, leather, and cloth. To make sure they stay on, the top has a strap and buckle while lower down there are laces.
Cost: 1 for leather 2 for chain 3 for plate (for the pair)
Special Abilities: improved traction, usable for climbing, more weight behind ones kicks, spikes can be used to deal extra damage with kicks, allows the foot to block weapons and catch weapons and protects all edges of the foot
Origin: A more weaponized version of the foot spikes, this version is intended more as a combat aid than a climbing tool and is based partly on boots warn by solders before the ninja era, effective in combat but less so in stealth.

Name: Helmets
Appearance: Anything worn to protect the head apart from the ninjas headband, many of which have the village symbol carved in
Cost: 1 for leather 2 for plate
Special Abilities: none
Origin: often times the head is a target as it sticks out of cover easily and typically has a reflective headband on it prompting more ninja to desire added head protection though not generally preferred as it limits visibility.

Name: Pauldrons (Shoulder and upper arm plates)
Appearance: fitting over a chest plate or hero's shirt or jacket the shoulder plates are a flat, traditional-style pierce of armor that protect the shoulder, collar bone, and the sides of the neck with out hindering the wearer's range of vision that hinge on to plates to protect the upper arms without limiting mobility too much.
Cost: 1 Leather 2 plate (for both)
Special abilities: none
Origin: shoulder-plate armor may seem a tad unnecessary but any hero who has been in a duel can tell you that the shoulders, being high on the body and close the the center line are a prime target for striking weapons and their proximity to the neck makes them vulnerable, the ability to effectively bludgeon targets with a well timed shoulder tackle doesn't hurt either.

Name: Chest plate (Body guard)  
Appearance: A piece of metal used to cover the abdomen and chest with flexible metallic tasseling or chain mail for the bends in the stomach. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be worn either outside or inside of clothes. Most often, they are strapped around the body with cloth, however some people prefer the full body protection including the back. Good against defending against stab and slash wounds, and projectiles.
Cost: 2 for a full leather (both sides), 3 for a full chain (both sides) 2 for a plate that covers only the front or back of the torso 4 for a plate that covers both sides
Special Abilities: none
Origin: These larger, heavier armored pieces were often not worn by modern heroes until they began to replace knights as solders in battles and personal guards to lords of nations but have since become more common

Name: Tasset and cuisses (waist and thigh guards)
Appearance: A thick rope belt supporting metallic plates staggered and held together to cover the body in the area between the abdomen and knees, the plates hang freely to allow freedom and ease of movement but retain protection for the hips, thighs and genuinely any area covered by short pants.
Cost: 1 for leather 2 for chain 3 for plate.
Special abilities: none
Origin: Typically the tasset was a used as a belt to hold swords in battles but it became the key support for the cuisses plating that would later hang from it, heroes in modern times tend to keep pouches of their tools in the area this armored plating usually covers, so the added element of surprise comes in to play, as a hero can easily conceal weapons in this armored peace. All and all this armor is rarely worn unless to complete a set of body armor with the body plating.

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Wed May 01, 2013 4:31 am

-Concealed weapons-

Note: All concealed weapons can be deployed and used in the same action!

Name: Cat's claws (hidden finger blades)
Appearance: acrylic false fingernails which deploy very thin, very very sharp tiny blades
Cost: 2 (for all fingers on both hands)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: The cat's claws were usually used by the a certain type of female hero. The weapon was comprised of strong iron fingernails that were fastened into leather bands fitted on the fingers, but later evolved in to synthetic nails containing blades and resembled very slight barbs or claws and were also dipped in poisons. The eyes were a favorite spot for slashing. (Poison must be bought separately.)

Name: Hidden blade launcher
Appearance: Hidden in sleeves or even pant legs the launcher consists of a spring loaded firing mechanism and a pull cord allowing throwing knife to be launched from the sleeve with a quick deceive flick or draw a blade and swing it in the same quick motion as a surprise attack. (must be reloaded manually)
Cost: 1 (per launcher, dose not include throwing knives)
Special abilities: Allows throwing knives to be drawn and thrown or drawn and wielded as one action if stored in the sleeves, allows trowing knives to be flung with a swing of the leg if concealed in the pant-legs
Origin: A simple enough concealed weapon, preferred by many ninja as few tools have more use in the hand than the common throwing blade, ideal for assassinations

Name: Wrist blades
Appearance: concealed when not in use, appears as blades coming from the wrists when in use
Cost: 3 (both wrists)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: The most common concealed weapon. A ten inch blade is placed on each side of the arm. When activated, the blades move up to the top of forearms before moving forward.

Name: Foot blades
Appearance: concealed when not in use, appears as a small blade coming from the shoe or foot when in use
Costs: 3 (both feet)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A small spike hidden below the sandal and can be pulled out either to front or back of the foot, generally used to give kicks a dangerous edge.

Name: Elbow blades
Appearance: concealed when not in use, appears as blades protruding from the elbows when in use
Cost: 3 (for both elbows)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Placed on the elbows, small mechanisms are hidden where long sharp spikes can be extended out to cut and stab enemies.

Name: Ankle blades
Appearance: concealed when not in use, appears as a blade pointed down across the foot from the ankle when in use
Cost: 3 (both ankles)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: one of the more obscure concealed weapons, similar to the wrist blades although these are placed around the ankles. They are eight inches long and cannot be used while the person is standing on the ground but can only be used when the leg is in the air.

Name: Knee blades
Appearance: concealed when not in use, appears as a pair of spike like blades protruding from the knees when in use
Cost: 3 (both ankles)
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Similar to those on the elbows, one spike points straight upwards while another forward out from the knee cap. Can be used to cut and stab enemies when kicking and kneeing them.

Name: Mouth needles
Appearance: very small needles
Cost: 3
Special Abilities: Can be concealed safely in the mouth (even if laced with a separate poison) and fired with out requiring any spells or skills from a tiny launcher hidden in the mouth
Origin: mouth needles are the throwing needle's little brothers. Small needles about three inches long, and ment to be hidden inside the user's mouth for a surprise attack. By themselves they can't do much damage at all, but these are usually coated with a simple poison that inflames the small puncture they make and amplifies the wound into a size consistent with regular throwing needle, and throwing star.

Name: Needle shooter
Appearance: 5 small individual mechanisms are put around the lower arm with the help of 5 leather belts. Each mechanism hold 1 small needle that are fired by pulling and releasing strings behind them.
Cost: 3 (for two sets, dose not include needles)
Special Abilities: fires needles ten yards longer and three times faster than they can be thrown
Origin: an advancement on normal throwing needles these are used when precise accuracy is need as needles fire with one are much harder to doge, typically coated with poison. (sold separately)

Name: Wire shooter (or Garrotes)
Appearance: Specialized bracelet like devices that function like large spools of metal wire or razor wire, fitted with small devices where the wire is threaded between two grooved ball bearings so that the wire can be pulled from the spool with out jamming
Cost: 2 (for two sets, dose not include wires)
Special abilities: the wire shooter can be controlled with simple mana control to reel the wires out from a sleeve or bag at will (allows wires to be drawn and tied to things or otherwise used in one action) Also handy for sneaking up behind targets and drawing a length of cord or wire to strangle them quickly
Origin: Popular among lightning users and projectile specialists alike the wire shooter was a simple work-around developed by heroes who did not wish to handle razor wire directly or who needed to gain access to the tangle-prone strings more reliably.

Name: Hidden armor spikes
Appearance: resembles any existing metal shield or armor
Cost: 1 per unit of armor (for example 1 for two arm guards, two leg guards or 1 for one front-side body plate)
Special Abilities: deploys seamlessly from any metal or shield as an automatic action
Origin: Amour that also acts as weapons. Pieces of metal plates covers the wearer's lower arms and lower legs. They can eject multiple one inch long spikes that are very helpful when fighting martial arts specialists. Enemies who try to block or attack the carrier with martial arts can get their limbs cut badly.
(must be equipped on an armor, equipped separately)

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Fri May 10, 2013 12:23 am

-Medical Supplies-

Name: Bandages
Appearance: long strips of gauze or fabric (and or smaller bandages)
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: Can be applied to injuries to close smaller wounds/stop minor bleeding
Origin: Bandages can vary from simply covering wounds to having detailed kanji drawn out upon them to amplify ones healing speed. Again, mainly wielded by medical specialist, Bandages hold many everyday uses, some taijutsu users have also been shown to use them as wrappings and in their techniques.

Name: Rubbing alcohol (disinfectant)
Appearance: a bottle of simple clear liquid, comes with a number of thick cotton rags
Cost: 1
Special abilities: Sterilizes wounds
Origin: Rubbing alcohol is a simple but very necessary measure to insure that wounds are cleared of bacteria and pathogens before it can be dressed, though a surface remedy rubbing alcohol is a must have for any medic’s supply kit

Name: Suture kit
Appearance: Simple spools of specialized thread and small sterile needles, along with a carrying case and simple medical drainage tubes
Cost: 1
Special abilities: Can be used to sew injuries shut
Origin: Stitching a wound, though painful, can be used to save a patient’s life, making a wound smaller and therefore easier to treat by normal means, and unlike threads made of chakra these threads do not require the medic’s chakra to hold the injury together, but applying them takes a basic and two free actions to stich a larger wound. To prevent infection drainage tubes can be inserted to where surface remedies like rubbing alcohol wouldn’t be advised.

Name: Splints
Appearance: Simple padded, wooden, sometimes metallic braces for the limbs or body that are made to fit all sizes, some even feature simple joints where appropriate, the splint is secured in place with bandages and often stored in scrolls.
Cost: 3 (for a complete set of splints of each type)
Special abilities: Supports or immobilizes heavily injured areas when necessary
Origin: Moving a heavily injured patient strait away is heavily ill advised in almost every situation, and a splint is used to immobilize a broken or heavily injured body part so that critical nerves or weakened bone and muscle are not torn or harmed while the patient is moved, splints can also be used to support broken limbs allowing the patient to get away with assistance.

Name: Tourniquet
Appearance: Belted straps with specialized twistable clasps that allow the material to be wrapped tightly around a patient then tightened even further with a twist of the handle, smaller tourniquets
Cost: 2 (a set of several different sizes)
Special abilities: Stops bleeding regardless of how severe even bleeding from lost limbs
Origin: The tourniquet is a primitive but highly effective device used to stop bleeding everywhere from the hospital to the battlefield, since its creation countless years ago the tourniquet has saved even more countless lives, even the most untrained medical ninja can strap on and turn this handy tool to save a patient from bleeding out. Tourniquets are often applied before stitching can be done or more serious medical care can be performed

Name: Field Syringe
Appearance: Sturdier than the its glass counterpart but structurally and functionally the same, the field syringe is a simple mechanism that employs a chamber for holding fluid attached to a simple press on one end and a hypodermic needle on the other, the needles are interchangeable and single-use. The syringe also has a specialized valve that prevents any air from entering in to the fluid chamber or needle
Cost: 1
Special abilities: Perfectly applies drugs or poisons instantly
Origin: the field syringe has one purpose and one purpose only, to administer a substance to a patient as quickly, directly and effectively as possible, weather it is a poison injected in to an enemy or a life saving drug in to an ally the syringe takes seconds to prepare and an instant to use. Sturdy and dependable this tool was made for medics on the battlefield.

Name: Smelling salts
Appearance: A small, glass bottle containing chunks of oddly colored material
Cost: 1
Special abilities: will instantly wake someone who is unconscious short of a coma
Origin: Discovered perhaps by its extremely strong order this mineral substance can wake almost anyone if held under his or her nostrils for a few seconds, the order is also extremely overpowering to begin with making it a viable attack on targets with sensitive noises, but it dose make you easier to track by smell when not properly sealed.

Name: Healing salve (ointments)
Appearance: A simple white ointment
Cost: 1
Special abilities: reduces bleeding and allows injures to heal faster
Origin: An ointment that effectively slows bleeding and mitigates an injury when coated on bandages, coating a bandage in this ointment will alow it to heal much faster in the long term, and will prevent the formation of scars and furfur illuminates the chance of infection. Healing salve also soothes and hydrates burns very quickly.

Name: First Aid kit
Appearance: Sealed in a scroll this medium sized case contains an assortment of first aid, contains items already on this list in one kit to save weapons points!
Contains: Bandages, Healing salve, rubbing alcohol, smelling salts, suture kit, a scroll of splints, tweezers, and tourniquets
Cost: 5 (free for medic archetypes at creation)
Special abilities: A bundle of already existing items
Origin: Carried by most medic nin at all times, even combat based medical ninja tend to always have one on hand

Name: Painkillers
Appearance: A bottle of small white pills
Cost: 1
Special abilities: Elevates the pain of injury or a persistent condition upon taking
Origin: A specially formulated pharmaceutical, enhanced by chakra to be highly effective and fast acting these pills permeate the entire system alleviating pain from minor wounds, but only dulling pain from more major sources.

Name: Blood replacement pill
Appearance: Simple dark red pills
Cost: 3
Special abilities: Regenerates blood within the body
Origin: Specially engineered by top-tier medical ninja the blood replacement pill can actually allow ninja to recover from excessive, even near fatal bloodless extremely quickly, by using a small amount of chakra prepared proteins within the pill to vastly regenerate blood cells in the user’s system

Name: Pharmaceutical kit (medicine crafting supplies)
Appearance: A medium sized bag containing a vast assortment of herbs, ingredients and chemicals as well as tools such as a mortar and pestle, various dishes and magnifiers, needles, bottles and other tools required to create medicines and poisons, as well as analyze pathogens so as to create antigens, as well as a chakra infuser to create ninja-medicine with, all stored in a scroll
Cost: 4
Special abilities: Required for medicine creation, ninja medicine creation and poison creation jutsus, allows a medic nin to create custom medicines in-thread.
Origin: The result of years of research and study in medicine this field tested kit can be used by a medic ninja to perform lab-tests and engineer drugs to solve crises even when away on missions, sometimes the medic nin does not have the required medicine for a patient, sometimes that medicine does not exist, yet. With this handy kit the medic nin can easily solve that dilemma by creating entirely new medicines.

Name: Medical testing kit
Appearance: A medium sized bag containing all variety of medical instruments, including microscopes, chemistry tools, petri-dishes, and everything else a medical ninja needs to perform just about any medical test on missions, stored in a scroll
Cost: 4
Special abilities: Allows the ninja to perform blood tests, and any other type of medical test to learn the properties and ingredients of a poison, or other pathogen so as to engineer a cure (using the pharmaceutical kit)
Origin: Sometimes a simple diagnosis isn’t enough to tell the medic ninja all they need to know, sometimes testing needs to be done to further understand what is causing the patient’s illnesses before they can treat them, for example in order to create the antidote to a poison the ninja would have to analyze a sample of the poison and break it down in to its’ ingredients before they would know how to formulate a cure. This testing kit allows for the creation of vaccines and antidotes using the pharmaceutical kit

Name: Field Surgeon’s tools
Appearance: A medium sized kit containing all manor of sterile metallic instruments, various kinds of scalpels, forceps, retractors, lancets, rasps, dilators, speculum, suction tubes, surgical staplers, scopes, probes, and every other necessary tool for a wide range of field surgeries. The kit also comes with sterile medical scrubs, gloves, and everything else needed to set-up and operation.
Cost: 3
Special abilities: Allows for medic ninja to perform surgery mid-thread
Origin: A necessity in ninja wars and missions that has saved more lives then can possibly be counted the field surgeon’s tools are used to perform life saving operations that bare hands or lesser tools are to large and clumsy to perform.

Name: Numbing agent
Appearance: A simple small bottle of liquid
Cost: 2
Special abilities: Numbs and entirely relaxes the muscles in target area for 6 posts to the entire thread (if the character its used on allows it)
Origin: This drug is used where painkillers fail, it totally numbs the effected area once injected in to the body with the same effect as the numbing poison, but this drug is used to alleviate extreme pain from major injuries for extended periods

Name: Anesthetics
Appearance: A simple jar of liquid with rags, also available in gaseous form with a breathing mask.
Cost: 3
Special abilities: Renders the patient unconscious after 1 post of close exposure for anywhere from 3 posts to the entire thread based on the target’s discursion
Origin: Used when the patient must be totally immobilized for more extensive treatment, such as surgery or any situation where they cannot be conscious for their own safety. It can also be poured on a rag and used to safely and humanly subdue an un-suspecting target with out harming them. (identical to sleeping poison)

Name: Solder pills
Appearance: Large black pills wrapped in paper made up of stimulants and nutrients, can be swallowed or chewed.
Cost: 6
Special Abilities: Refunds spent some chakra and stamina upon use (refills one use of the ninjas highest-ranked jutsu, and one use of their second highest rank jutsu) usable once per thread (twice with permission)
Origin: One of the more common pills. A soldier pill is said to allow a ninja to battle for three days and three nights straight. Though in truth their effects are not as significant, their ability to restore a users stamina still make them an extremely useful item on the battlefield. While this does allow the user to gain a short stamina boost, it cannot go beyond human limits. Taking two soldier pills within an hour (thread) of each other is dangerous, and taking a third may cause death.

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Universal Weapons list Empty Re: Universal Weapons list

Post  Rasher on Fri May 10, 2013 8:19 am

-Universal Puppet Parts-

Build your own puppet faster and easier by taking from this list of global parts

Name: Puppet body
Appearance: The utmost minimum for a puppet is its basic wooden form, though these can come in many shapes and sizes the frame, from standard human body shapes to more complex forms, this is left up to the creator but nearly all puppet bodies are made of the finest reinforced quality wood and are both light weight and exceptionally durable, even if hollow. A puppets body is comprised of solid segments, hollow segments, socket joints, hinged joints, and flexible solid segments and can have various types of materials in its construction.
Cost:  Costs 6 weapons points to the puppeteer, but adds 10 points for puppet parts to be spent exclusively on the puppet. (note that shared items like shuriken and poisons need not be purchased a second time if the character owns them already)
Special Abilities:  Required for all puppet techniques, most puppet bodies also allow their parts to be detached and attached at will by the user.
Origin: Puppets are perhaps the most unconventional heroic tool, requiring its own unique branch of spells to operate, but ever since they first appeared in the world many heroes have been drawn to their complex nature and lethality, as with a puppet a users can defeat an enemy with out having to ever directly fight them.

Name: Poison circulator
Appearance: though invisible at all times the poison circulator consists of a small pump controlled with chakra over the built in scroll containing a poison in the puppet's body which pumps poison directly along a series of thin tubes connected to all of the puppets hidden weapons internally, somewhat like a mechanical circulatory system to allow each weapon in the puppet to have an ample coating of poison. Though the puppets limbs are still detachable the tubes have small connectors that fit the tube-segments together once the body part is re-attached so as to avoid breaking the tubes needlessly in combat.
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: Allows every weapon in the puppet to be coated with one of the user's poisons, rather than having to lace them individually
Origin: A more advanced type of puppet part specially designed for poison users, the poison circulator has been a staple in nearly all modern puppet designs. Coating each weapon in poison is a time consuming, unreliable and costly practice that simply adds to the already majorly laborious process of preparing ones puppet for a mission, after years of trial and error an effective system bearing a striking resemblance to circulatory systems that occur in nature became a common solution.

Name: Concealed pointed blades
Appearance: Hidden at all times until ready to use the dagger like blades are the length of the strait segment they are hidden inside and come out of a slot that flips out from the puppets limb, the aim is to use the blades to quickly stab and slash at targets with the puppets limbs.
Cost: 2 (for a set, applied to both arms, both legs ect)
Special Abilities: Can be deployed and wielded in the same action
Origin: Probably the most basic puppet weapon, nearly every puppet that is meant to attack has at least one of these installed, as an added bonus the puppets detached limb segment can be used as a dagger should the puppet be broken apart, also as this hidden weapon is quite small other mechanisms can be installed in the same segment as it.

Name: Concealed serrated limb-blades
Appearance: Folding out of the sides of the puppets each segment of a limb, typically the arms these saw like blades extend out inwardly in capture puppets, the idea being to grab and cut targets with the serrated blades in a sort of dangerous hug but has also been used in puppets with rotating torsos to attack like a sort of buzz-saw
Cost: 2 (for the complete set of limbs)
Special Abilities: Can be deployed and used in the same action
Origin: A more unconventional blade still seen frequently among certain types of puppets, these blades are less lethal then the pointed blades but have a much greater chance of damaging the enemy if used creatively

Name: Needle shooters
Appearance: Really just appears as a small opening or concealed hole on the puppet, and can basically be installed anywhere, in the hands, mouths, or any body segment, though the hands are a popular place. The shooters can effectively fire off more needles than could be thrown and at a much faster rate, making them difficult to dodge
Cost: 2 (for a set of limbs or 1 for a singular shooter)
Special Abilities: Fires needles (does not require separate needles)
Origin: The most common projectile for a puppet, the needles are extremely fast and difficult to spot and their quantity makes them difficult to doge completely, ideally these are the first weapons to be laced with a poison.

Name: Scroll inlays
Appearance: functionally no apparent change, though projectile weapon launchers such as projectile weapon ammunition and smoke screen launchers are now fitted with scrolls along the inside of the ammunition compartments which hold additional contents
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: Eliminates the need to reload basic projectile launchers
Origin: A simple solution to a complex issue facing many puppeteers, though firing off a cloud of needles is effective it tends to spend the limited number contained within ones needle shooters and so on. By carefully lacing the inside of a puppets hollow limb segments with scrolls containing additional ammunition, this problem is solved.

Name: Hidden spike
Appearance: A telescoping, hypodermic and almost impossibly sharp steak like needle that protrudes from where-ever its installed on the puppet at a fast pace, another prime location to apply poison, this hidden spike unfolds from its own compartment in the puppet, the head is a popular placement
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: can be deployed and used as a weapon in the same action
Origin: The idea behind the hidden spike is a very simple one, if for whatever reason the puppeteer’s puppet is broken, disabled or otherwise unable to fight the body part with the spike inside can be detached and fly at targets at blistering speeds as a functional weapon all its own, a last ditch effort at an ace in the hole.

Name: Retracting claws
Appearance: For puppets with variable fingers or talons, slight but very sharp and sturdy metallic claws that extend form the tips of the fingers, though with out poison they don’t have much lethality they can rend and cut unprotected targets.
Cost: 1
Special Abilities: Can be deployed and used in the same action
Origin: Namely fitted on puppets based off predatory animals the retracting claws are often added as an afterthought to puppets that have the required finger like appendages, though its hardly a primary weapon a puppet user never feels to prepared.

Name: Blade shooters
Appearance: Identical to needle shooters but wider and thus fewer locations in the puppet, the mouth is a far more common place for the mechanism but the hand can flip over to fire small arrow head like blades from the wrist, creatively concealing the mechanism is a challenge that falls on the puppet’s creator
Cost: 1 each
Special Abilities: can fire off multiple blades in one action  
Origin: A sturdier projectile launcher then the needle shooters but more obvious in nature, leading the mouth to be the most popular placement, the blade shooter is more lethal then the needled shooter but far easier to dodge

Name: Surveillance modifications
Appearance: No distinguishable difference outright, but a modified communications device has been installed inside the head of the puppet, able to record, store and play-back sounds, controlled remotely by simple chakra with a speaker near the mouth, the eyes of the puppet have similarly been fitted with a method for capturing images remotely with simple chakra control.
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: Allows the puppet to record sights and sounds for the puppet master to relay later
Origin: Perhaps since the dawn of heroes puppetry users have been trying to use puppets as spies, after all the puppet is incapable of divulging secrets if captured, worthless as a hostage and can enter and hide in extremely small spaces by detaching its head, the puppet can also sit perfectly still in perfect silence and has no body heat or odor, making it very difficult to detect. After generations of puppet craftsman and heroic cunning at last surveillance modifications were invented and made standard.

Name: Chain-rigged limbs
Appearance: A length of thin but highly durable, flexible metal chain between two detachable limb segments, the far limb is rigged with a curved blade, hooks or spikes so as to turn the end of a limb in to a functional chain-scythe, grappling hook or flail, this also allows the entire detached limb to function as such even with out the puppet. Spring loaded for maximum efficiency.
Cost: 2 (per rigged limb, specify if spikes, hooks or a blade are deployed)
Special Abilities: Can be deplored and used in one action.
Origin: Puppets boast a wide variety of melee and ranged attacks but limited mid-ranged options, since keeping foes at a distance at all times is ideal for puppet users the chain-rigged limb provides a reliable mid-ranged weapon to the puppets arsenal.

Name: Smoke cannons
Appearance: Either a hollowed out section of the puppets limb, revealed by detaching or turning a segment, or as a retractable tube that protrudes from the torso the smoke cannons can fire off either clouds of smoke, or shoot smoke bombs sort of like a mortar, and is capable of lacing the smoke with poison
Cost: 2 (for a set)
Special Abilities: Fires off smokescreens as a free action
Origin: puppetry as a heroic art is all about deception and surprise attacks, few options are more tried and true then the smoke cannon to set up combinations of puppet attacks, or simply spread inhalant poisons to enemies.

Name: Folding limb blades
Appearance: Blades that can only come out of the puppets limbs once they have been disassembled, the blades protrude out from the ball end of socket joints and unfold in to pointed, almost sword sized blades the length of the limb segment itself.
Cost: 3 (for a all limb segments of the puppet)
Special Abilities: Can be extended and used in one action
Origin: Used in specialized attacks where puppets are disassembled and stab downward at targets from multiple sides the sword like blades are used for assassinations.

Name: Puppet firework cannons
Appearance: Retractable tubes or hollowed limb segments with reinforced metal laced insides, these launchers fire out a ball with an explosive tag warped around it, and fire it a safe distance from the puppet before detonating the tag
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Sometimes you don’t want subtly with a puppet; sometimes you simply want to destroy an obstacle or opponent as quickly as possible, though obvious these small mortar like launchers were developed for puppets during wars and though they telegraph a coming attack with the internal charge required to fire off the bomb they are a favorite among heavy attack puppets, though it is slow and there is a cool down of 4 posts after firing it the mortar allows the puppet its built in to quite a large amount of destructive power

Name: Fire resistant lacquer
Appearance: This is a simple liquid coating the outside of a puppet's wooden body, it has no outward appearance as it dries clear. Puppet wood is typically finished with some varnish or lacquer anyway so it is basically impossible to tell the difference.
Cost: 1 (covers the entire puppet, ordinary lacquer is free)
Special abilities: This prevents the dry wood inside the puppet from catching fire, this does not make it entirely fire proof but it does mean a puppet would have to engulfed in flames long enough for all the lacquer in the outer shell of the wood to burn entirely away.
Origin: This invention was a veritable no-brainer for puppet users, as fire-magic is all to common and puppets are fundamentally made of wood a primitive chemical treatment for the wood eventually evolved in to an advanced chemical compound which not only keeps the wood from splintering and absorbing water as ordinary finishing does but actively prevents flames from catching on to the wood itself.

Name: Retracting cables
Appearance: coiled around the inside of the puppets torso or snaked through the hollow limbs this puppet part is a thick, extremely durable but also very flexible metal cable that can be twisted and turned freely with chakra strings, the cable offers a variety of defensive and even offensive uses and comes with a pointed spike, blade, claw or hook on the end which is an ideal place to apply poison.
Cost: 2
Special Abilities: Freely manipulate the length of cable, independent of the puppets weight.
Origin: Typically used by capture type puppets the cable is a puppet part of pure raw utility, the cable can easily grapple the puppet and move it with even greater maneuverability than simply flying around and can even support the full weight of the puppet on a single point

Name: Bladed torso
Appearance: An ordinary puppets torso with two simple mechanisms, the first being a set of sharp metallic spikes that can be made to jut out of the chest and abdomen of the puppet, the second is a series of curved blade like fangs that can be made to extend and close inward, the idea is to either catch and disarm weapons or stab in to the limbs of melee attackers, as the curved blades are double sided they can also cut close range attackers when they extend, instead of just when they clamp shut.
Cost: 3 (adding the same mechanisms to the back-side of the puppet’s torso only costs 2 additional points)
Special Abilities: Can be deployed as an automatic action
Origin: A very popular torso for puppets that use concealed serrated limb-blades, to make the fierce bladed hug even more lethal with the added spikes, and the blades were later added between the rows of spikes to effectively combat close-range attackers and give the puppet an edge against martial arts and weapons users as unlike a human body a puppet’s weak points are not located in its torso.

Name: Cannon torso
Appearance: The larger big brother to the firework cannon, this weapon takes up the entire torso of the puppet and is meant to be used only as a last resort, the head of the puppet detaches entirely revealing a wide opening, then the puppets body fires out a large metallic ball wrapped in many explosive tags firing it a long distance. The explosion is quite massive but firing the weapon damages the puppet internally, rendering it unusable until it can be taken in and repaired later on.
Cost:  5
Special Abilities: An extremely powerful one-shot attack at the cost of not being able to use the puppet for the rest of the mission
Origin: Probably the most absurdly, almost stupidly powerful weapon in the puppet makers arsenal, its almost never used as the damage to the puppet its built around is quite severe, most puppeteers would rather have dependable puppets then ones that break themselves with a powerful attack but in some situations the cannon torso is preferred by some puppet users as an ace in the hole when it comes to losing battles as a puppet can be rebuilt, but a puppeteer cannot be brought back to life.

Name: Capture torso
Appearance: An oblong, large barrel like torso that gives the puppet a rather odd overall appearance the capture torso has a hinged chest made of individual slots of wood that individually hinge open and lock themselves shut, the interior of the torso is metallic but has slotted holes in various locations on all sides to facilitate blades penetrating the interior with out damaging the puppet.
Cost:  4
Special Abilities: Can capture enemies and facilitate combination attacks between puppets (combos best with folding limb blades)
Origin: Some puppets are designed to contain enemies rather than simply defeat them, the capture torso is the most common method to accomplish this, its spacious but sturdy interior can hold most targets captive with ease and its next to impossible to escape once sealed inside, the puppet user can even continue to move the puppet while an enemy is trapped inside it and a craftier puppet user might actually hide inside the torso of his own puppet to deceive enemies

Name: Flamethrower (or fluid pump)
Appearance: Tubes that extend out of the hands, or mouth of a puppet and connect to a scroll stored inside the body, the scroll usually contains a large amount of flammable fuel and the tubes have a small sparking mechanism, this allows the puppet to effectively unleash a stream of flaming oil at targets and the entire assembly is carefully coated in fireproof materials to prevent the puppet itself from catching fire.
Using this weapon for multiple posts in succession (sustained fire for three posts) will exhaust the fuel held in the scroll, making use of the flamethrowers in short bursts is a more optimal strategy, but this cannot be done regularly as it runs the risk of overheating the mechanism (two post cool-down)
Cost: 4
Special Abilities: Shoots fire, or alternatively a scroll containing water can be used to allow the flamethrower to pump pressurized water out like a firehouse, or any equivalent liquid that wont damage the internal structure of the puppet.
Origin: Probably the least hidden or subtle puppet part available but similarly the only puppet part that bestows spell like power to an inanimate tool. Though it is dangerous to the wooden puppet, genuinely reckless and flashy no one can argue with the effectiveness of a flame-spitting puppet in battle.

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