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Kaizou Sarutobi weapons list Empty Kaizou Sarutobi weapons list

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1.Name: Kunai hand blades
Description: They have the general appearance of kunai with similar bases, but the blades instead are curved, elongated and single-edged, giving them similar appearance and function to swords. Each of the blades has a small hole right near its long, bandaged hilt, which at its edge sports a larger versions of the standard ring all kunai have
Use: A ninja can spin, throw, catch, twirl, and especially draw this weapon with the finesse, ease, and prowess that most ninja use with kunai, faster and more complex than swords the kunai blade is regarded as having over fifteen different ways to hold it, and innumerable ways to wield it, with the tactical advantages of a kunai and the cutting power of a sword
History: Its only natural that ninja take the kunai to its logical conclusion, a dependable, tricky and sturdy blade

2.Name: Shuriken
Appearance: Typicaly Shuriken are four pointed metallic stars with sharp edges and points with a hole in the center but other shapes have been seen in the shinobi world
Rank: E
Special Abilities: none
Origin: A basic projectile. Shurikens are star shaped and normally have four points each side. They are sharp and can be used as a basic weapon or even for distracting opponents. A basic ninja accessory. While a kunai can only be thrown in a straight arc, shurikens can for example hit targets around corners.

3.Name: Kunai
Appearance: Small knives with a spade like blade, a thinner bandaged handle with a ring on the end, nothing fancy but plenty effective
Rank: E
Special Abilities: none
Origin: One of the most common weapons among shinobi, Kunai are small daggers. They are made of metal and, if they make contact with the target, can be quite painful. Though they are much larger than either of the above three, and thus, are easier to dodge. Mainly, kunai are used as distraction. Kunai are good for both long-distance and close-combat fighting but they can only be thrown in a straight arc.

4.Name: Razor wire
Appearance: a spool of silvery wire
Rank: D
Special Abilities: none
Origin: Simple yet deadly, razor wire is string designed to be sharp enough to easily cut through flesh. Razor Wire, like string, is relatively easy to break. However, direct contact with the skin (assuming any force is exerted on the wire by the body) will cut into the skin and could, if placed correctly, prove lethal.

5.Name: Exploding tag
Appearance: Rectangular slips of paper with seals drawn on
Rank: C
Special Abilities: Explosive
Origin: An add-on to kunai, though it could be added to a variety of things. Explosive tags are papers with seals inscribed upon them that, when making contact or upon the user's will, causes the seal to errupt and explode, damaging all the surronding. The blast radius is large, and if struck, and opponent would most definitely be severly injured.

6.Name: Smoke bombs
Appearance: Small spheres with a darker color kept in pouches
Rank: D
Special Abilities: creates a smoke screen
Origin: More common than the poisonous bomb, yet still hardly used. A smoke bomb makes a veil of smoke appear from its contents, making the opponent, unable to find you. Though, the same effect lies on yourself. This is really used to catch opponents off guard and get in some extra attacks.


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