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Post  Rasher on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:36 pm

Name: Chakra enhanced mole claws
Description: a set of longer metal claws that, while sharp converge in to a longer shape, they fasten to the hand like gauntlets with a central handle in the palm.
Use: Though the claws can be used for simple attacks and defense the real effect takes place when the user grabs hold of the handle to channel chakra in to the claws, enhancing their function with chakra flow (must have this jutsu) allowing the user to dig through rock and soil as if it were lighter than sand, digging tunnels for various uses becomes quite easy. Though honestly it has little offensive use beyond fining rock from the ground at the enemy
History: Developed for ease of ambushes from the stones.

Name: Shimmering wire
Description: A unique looking, slightly thicker wire that has an odd shine to it
Use: this wire is has a much much greater textile strength as compared to normal wires, a single one can support the weight of the average human being ten times over and the wire itself can block weapons easily, this is used as a garrote occasionally but the gem filament is better used for climbing, belaying, hanging, swinging and attaching to weapons.
(this wire is not subject to magnetism and is non conductive)
History: a gemstone filament crafted from crystals and rare ores found deep within the earth, expensive to make but guaranteed to last

Name: Landmines
Description: small devices containing a block of wood wrapped in explosive tags and a pressure sensitive plait of metal
Use: buried underground and triggered when the soft earth above them is stepped on, causing an explosion roughly equivalent to three explosive tags
History: an advancement on ninja warfare, often placed strategically underground where allies wont be walking

Name: Chakra driving knuckles
Description: a bulky looking metal device worn on the hands with a heavy metal bar going across the back of the hand from a slot over the knuckles that connects to the wrist from a metal support.
Use: Chakra is fed in to the knuckles as the user winds up a punch causing the metal bar to move back along the wrist then very rapidly forward along the hand projecting the force out through the knuckles, making a simple punch rather devastating, akin more to the strike of a large hammer.

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