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Post  Rasher on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:42 pm

Name: Mist brother’s gauntlets
Description: A set of large metal gauntlets with retractable bladed claws over the front half of the fingers and an oversized metal wrist band which houses a chain made of interlocking shuriken, this chain can be controlled with chakra and fires out to lock with the chain from the other gauntlet, usually this will be poisoned. (poison sold separately) The chain also has a release mechanism if it becomes neutralized allowing the user to unlock or even fully detach it. Every aspect of this weapon is controlled with chakra.
Use: When worn by one ninja its mostly used to swing and whip the chains around from each wrist individually, controlling them with chakra if the user has mastered the right kenjutsu for it but when worn by two users the chain is used in combination attacks to bind the user before slicing them to pieces with the blades, the bulky nature of the claws can make it so that forming hand seals is difficult but in recent years the claws themselves can retract allowing hand seals to be formed more easily, the bulky wrist cuffs on the gauntlets double as a defensive tool
History: originally worn by two criminals of the mist, whom this weapon is named after it was modified in recent years and many of its defects have been fixed with the new design, enabling a single person to wear them

Name: Water bombs
Description: Often times the gourd of water tends not to hold enough for the larger jutsu, these blue spheres wrapped in small tags, roughly the same size as a smoke bomb
Use: When activated the tags on the sphere release a large amount of water (about two gallons), though this cannot really damage someone on its own it can be used to counter fire techniques and more importantly it provides water for ninjutsu
History: A weapon used to transform aired, dry terrain in to a moist area giving a mist nin the advantage

Name: Hydrodynamic shuriken
Description: Slightly larger than normal shuriken and of a somewhat warped looking shape, the individual “blades” have been slanted at complementary angles with the sharper edge always facing “down”
Use: Specialized shuriken designed to flow through bodies of liquid rather than air, though they care clumsy when thrown above water they pass through water with ease when thrown properly, often they are combined with water release jutsu to increase their lethality
History: The hydrodynamic model was originally a defect in the mass production of shuriken, acclimated for underwater use by an observant shinobi in recent years

Name: Oxygen supplied breathing apparatus
Description: Looks not unlike the standard breathing device but has a small tank attached to it, worn on the shoulders
Use: Unlike the standard breathing apparatus this device contains much more breathable air, enabling the user to stay much deeper underwater for much longer periods of time
History: Often times mist ninja wait underwater for hours on missions, waiting for their targets to give an opportunity to strike, this device allows them to do so

Name: Buoyant exploding vesicles
Description: Rubber chambers containing an explosive tag with a small canister and a cord at the bottom
Use: when the cord is pulled the bag inflates causing the explosive to rise to the surface of a body of water and detonate the tag
History: death from below, a fairly ordinal concept

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