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Name: Throwing Kama
Description: Traditionally kama are hand scythes used as simple melee weapons, easily concealed as the blade folds in to the shorter, cylindrical handle, these are more curved in shape with almost “s” like handles that have blades which deploy from either end facing either way.
Use: This is a much more robust projectile than kunai or shuriken, its collapsing blades make it easy to conceal and useful as it can be thrown with the blades hidden allowing them to deploy mid air, a single blade can be deployed for use as a melee weapon and its curved shape allow ninja who’ve trained with it to throw and catch it in a “boomerang” fashion
Cost: 3
History: Though the kama has origins as a harvesting tool this version, an offshoot of the chain-scythe is more intently designed as a weapon, though a ninja may be able to cut a row of rice in the fields with a carefully placed throw

Name: Rigged Fuma shuriken
Description: A take on the classic fuma shuriken, while still oversized the basic shape has become more angular, resembling four blades linked by a ring more than a shuriken. The central “ring” of the weapon has an opening that facilitates wire being fixed to the weapon with out the wire inhibiting the rotation of the projectile, once prepared the item is typically stored in a scroll or seal of some kind
Use: These are typically used in projectile jutsu and occasionally for lightning jutsu using the wire as a conductor, however any ninja can use this weapon’s hidden function, by sharply pulling back on the wire after throwing this weapon the user can detach the blades from the central ring, which then use the centrifugal force of spinning shuriken to fly off away from the center outward, aiming to hit opponents who have dodged the shuriken
Cost: 3
History: perhaps the most advanced form of fuma shuriken, developed by the leaf village

Name: Flairs
Description: Appearing as small bamboo tubes these fire a smaller version of the flash-bang out to detonate mid air, resulting in a signaling flash, though this can be fired at opponents aiming to blind them from a greater distance then the standard flash-bang
Use: Used mainly to signal team-mates on less than covert missions rather than as a means of escape,
however the leaf’s Nara clan has more complex uses for it
Cost: 3
History: though it’s in a ninjas job description to be stealthy, a flair can be used to draw attention, or misdirect it.

Name: Kunai hand blades
(not to be confused with knuckle blades)
Description: They have the general appearance of kunai with similar bases, but the blades instead are curved, elongated and single-edged, giving them similar appearance and function to swords. Each of the blades has a small hole right near its long, bandaged hilt, which at its edge sports a larger versions of the standard ring all kunai have
Use: A ninja can spin, throw, catch, twirl, and especially draw this weapon with the finesse, ease, and prowess that most ninja use with kunai, faster and more complex than swords the kunai blade is regarded as having over fifteen different ways to hold it, and innumerable ways to wield it, with the tactical advantages of a kunai and the cutting power of a sword
Cost: 3 each
History: Its only natural that ninja take the kunai to its logical conclusion, a dependable, tricky and sturdy blade

Name: Senbon firing plate
Description: A hexagonal plate of metal worn on the person, with less than a six intch radius, the back of this plate has a tag and a small cord, when pulled the plate opens at the center to reveal six holes through which senbon are fired from, the user pulls the cord while sending a burst of chakra down it to open the metal plate and fire the needles, this weapon is typically worn with straps on the forearm but could be worn in other places.
Use: This is a defense and an offensive weapon, making it exceedingly versatile, the tag on its back contains roughly thirty-six senbon needles, allowing the user to fire out six bursts of one needle from each hole under the plate, the weapon does however have a flaw that causes a miss-fire if the plates opening is held shut by the opponent, meaning that it should be used to fire needles exclusively at a distance and used to block attacks exclusively at close range, as for the armor component its really only enough to cover half the chest or back but it can be installed in to larger pieces of armor such as body plates
Cost: 3
History: a mass produced variant on an item produced years ago by an inventor from the leaf village
(tags to reload this weapon are sold with it, they come ready prepared with the basic fuuninjutsu required to store the needles, a scroll can be substitutive for the tag to hold more needles but these are sold secretly)

Name: Kunai grenade
Description: a softball sized metal sphere with kunai blades coming out of it in all directions with enough spacing to allow for the ball to be thrown, a small patch on the backside of the sphere has an explosive tag
Use: This weapon must be thrown very carefully as it propels blades and shrapnel in all directions once it explodes, due to its cumbersome nature it is often very difficult to throw and therefore seldom used, but for dissolving defenses it is ideal as it can accomplish more raw destruction than a kunai with an explosive tag
Cost: 5
History: A weapon born of war and extremely not becoming of the art of ninja the kunai grenade is a weapon designed for widespread injury and destruction, its explosion is greater than an explosive tag and launches deadly shrapnel in all directions, making it potentially dangerous to even its user and all extremely difficult to avoid, this weapon is very rarely given to inexperienced ninja due to the danger it poses to its user.

Name: Chain wind staff
Description: An odd looking weapon, a wooden rod fitted with thicker chains on either side that each have metal weights on the end
Use: this weapon is incredibly difficult to use, the user must twirl the rod fast enough to begin a rotation with the weights in the air, but once the spinning begins the weights quickly gather force, so much force that this weapon is used as a projectile, able to fly through the air at surprising speed and smash in to targets with impressive power, the weights can literally tear through practice targets, smashing the straw dummies
completely in half, where as lesser projectiles simply get stuck or knock the target down. Though this is weapon typically has to be retrieved usually the user employs fuuninjutsu to summon the weapon from a scroll, throw it, un-summon it and call it back from the scroll again.
Cost: 4
History: an impractical but powerful weapon used to sweep targets off their feet, and often break a few bones in the process

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