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Post  Rasher on Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:51 pm

Name: Hidden ninja weapon umbrella (yin umbrella)
Description: Appearing very much like the traditional Japanese umbrella, though a bit long at four feet the umbrella can be opened to put up what appears to be a laminated paper covering which is usually has a 2ft diameter that is designed to keep the rain off you. That is however where the similarities between this and a normal Umbrella end.
The umbrella itself has a reinforced metal handle with a layer around it for improved grip and combat efficacy, the tip of which contains a one foot long hidden spear blade that can be deployed with chakra, Underneath the laminated paper covering are hidden jointed metal plates which are designed to fold out when the Umbrella is opened before they lock into place. In addition, the edges of those metal plates are razor sharp. The bottom of the handle contains a hidden tanto.
Use: The first umbrella is made entirely for direct hand to hand combat as a hidden weapon, rather complex to use it has many hidden surprise attacks hidden in it and is capable as an offensive and defensive weapon if even a shield being so very sturdy in structure
History: Created by rain ninja who, already typically carried umbrellas to gain surprise attacks on their advisories

Name: Hidden senbon umbrella (yang umbrellas)
Description: Identical to the first umbrella in most ways the difference is that it is nearly the total opposite on the inside, every part of the umbrella has been hollowed out and filled with needles, countless senbons filling its every component, this also causes the umbrella to be extremely light weight as it only contains needles, a frame and a number of mechanisms to fire the needles using chakra, other than that the umbrella isn’t good for much apart from keeping dry.
Use: This umbrella, unlike the first is based entirely in ranged combat, the pole is used to fire senbon from the front and the rest of the umbrella fires them from the bottom after being thrown as part of the senbon rain technique
History: The most common type of umbrella found in the rain village thrown from a distance, usually with others from team mates to overwhelm opponents below with needles

Name: Inferred goggles
Appearance: appears in a verity of shapes and sizes, mechanically enhanced goggles
Rank: C
Special Abilities: Allows the user to switch to infrared vision, enabling them to see things based only in heat to avoid deception and seek out targets
Origin: a new invention of the rain village used to spot opponents in dark, rainy averments

Name: Chemical weapons
Appearance: The rain village often uses substances such as oil, acid, napalm and tar in their jutsu, since these cannot be created by chakra alone they often carry guards or scrolls containing the materials themselves.
Rank: B
Special Abilities: Allows the user to carry oil, acid, napalm, or tar in gaords or scrolls (each chemical weapon must be specified)
Origin: Industrial byproducts used as weapons in the rain village

Name: Grappling claw
Appearance: Worn on the forearm, a larger gauntlet like claw with hidden mechanism.
Rank: C
Special Abilities: The claw itself can detach on a chain and grab on to things allowing the user to swing about, pull themselves toward things, pull things toward themselves or attack with the claw at a distance, the claw itself has hidden razors in the tips of the fingers strong enough to dig in to sheet metal, the claw is also filled with the users chakra enabling them to control its mechanisms
Origin: An improved version of the grappling hook made by the rain village.

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