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Medical Mana Leeches (neutral summon) WIP Empty Medical Mana Leeches (neutral summon) WIP

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Name: Medical Mana Leeches
Species: Amphibious leeches

Habitat: Large bodies of fresh water all over the world, the smaller leeches staying closer to the surface and surrounding area and the larger, older and more magical leeches living further down in the water, the leeches monarch living at the very deepest darkest point of the water and silt.

Loyalty: The leeches have no loyalty to any kingdom or house, rather they serve their own interests, in acquiring blood, and getting revenge against their ancient food source and modern enemy the fish.

Description: The leeches are a very simple creature, with worm like bodies with smooth ridges along their sides they resemble grubs and tailless lamprea bulging in the middle of their bodies, which are slightly wider then they are tall. Devoid of eyes or any visible sensory organs they sport only a circular, sucker of a mouth on both ends of their bodies with countless hook like teeth. Though they seem formless they are excellent swimmers and can propel themselves on land similar to a caterpillar or by slithering. Despite being eyeless and lacking an apparent nose they have a keen sense of smell comparable to that of sharks and are amazingly preceptive to touch and heat. Though the larger ones can be fairly intelligent they are considerably less bright then many other summons and function more like a 'hive' then a 'village' with large numbers of young writing around a single large monarch, each individual summon is a 'class' of leech rather then a named individual.

History: In the beginning the leeches were as natural leeches are, mindless, sightless gluttons circulating around in the murky waters of some nameless pond. However the leeches were greatly in-tuned to blood as many medical heroes know, blood circulates mana through the body. Through a crude natural selection and their innately insatiable hunter the leeches began to absorb mana from the blood they ate, leading them to grow in size as well as intellect and in magical ability. As the leeches became more intelligent and developed magical ability they began to reason that simply feeding on the fish in their lake with their reckless expansion would cause them to die out, so rather they decided to 'farm' fish in their lake and take regular amounts of blood without killing them. Eventually however the fish of the lake, who had also begun to take on summon like qualities began to employ heroes via summoning contracts to combat the leeches. At first they viewed the humans as just another food source but very soon they realized that they were facing an opponent they had no hope of defeating. Eventually they came to try and enlist humans of their own, offering their mana-syphoning abilities in exchange for protecting against the fish's own human heroes. This however proved mostly unsuccessful as the humans had kingdoms of their own and did not wish to risk triggering a conflict between them for the leeches' sake, they were too repulsive and not valuable enough to risk that. Eventually the leeches had to retreat, leaving the lake in favor of a more secluded swamp, but not forgetting their burning grudge against the fish and all who had aided them. Now the leeches bide their time, earning a meager living on what little life exists in their swamp and carefully cultivating their magical arts. They will work for anyone, no mater what the cause or risk, and normally all they ask is blood.

Known contract holders: Cedric Erasmus

-The leeches (by type)-

Name: Commoner leeches
Specialties: none
Rank: E
Appearance: Completely ordinary leeches, squat black little grub like creatures have smooth, segmented, soft bodies and are just about the size of a fingertip, with no distinguishing characteristics or qualities of any kind, the only real boon to this summon is that a fair number, or large hand-full, are summoned at once.
Personality: these leeches are drones, autonomous in nature they do not have names or have need of names and merely have promise of growing in to a better type of leech someday, for now all they think to do is feed and seek food in the form of blood. They do not seem to mind being summoned, or perhaps are not aware it has even happened and they are used by summoning them directly on to a body of a target, planting them by hand or perhaps even throwing them on to an enemy.
Natural abilities:
-Blood draining, the leech and suck and pump blood from a target, as leeches are want to do, this is useful as a persistent source of damage on enemies over time
-Blood sense, the leech has an amazing sense of smell and can detect blood over great distances, especially through water, this is usable for tracking
Technique list: none

Name: Leech poison tasters
Specialties: Medical techniques
Rank: D
Appearance: These leeches are thumb sized, and have a distinctly different coloration from the black leeches, being lighter shade of grey with sickly orange spots down their backs. They also possess white discoloration around their mouths and have wider sides then most other leeches of their kind. Three are summoned at a time.
Personality: these leeches are more intelligent then their commoner brethren, able to take simple commands and possess enough restraint to avoid mindlessly feeding on any source of blood in range. They understand that they have a specific roll and have an unsettling level of commitment and loyalty to that roll, perhaps finding a sense of honor in their purpose.
Natural abilities:
-Toxin removal, rather then simply draining blood, these leeches have been trained to only suck out poisons from the bloodstream by attaching their suckers to entry wounds.
-Toxin immunity, even more so then regular leeches the poison taster's chemical resistance is extremely high, rendering them immune to almost any poison
-Toxicity, the poisons the leeches drain from their "patients" is stored inside sacks in their sides, making them highly toxic to anything that might try and eat them.
Technique list: none

Name: Mana hungry Leeches
Specialties: Mana absorption
Rank: C
Appearance: These leeches are unnaturally large, about the size of two human fingers. They possess a somewhat translucent skin revealing a murky window to their insides which pulse with blue mana energy every so often. Two are summoned at once.
Personality: The mana hungry leeches are typically mana addicts, hungering for more then blood alone they view being summoned as a chance to sate their ravenous addiction to mana, a trait that is viewed as admirable among their kind as it means that the leech may one day grow in to a higher ranking official within their colony. Able to speak and converse with their summoners these leeches have a working understanding of tactics and are capable of fighting on their own, capable of crawling down mana strings or independently seeking out targets by smell.
Natural abilities:
-Mana absorption, able to syphon mana out of targets at the same rate other leeches syphon blood, by attaching themselves to a target they can both cause damage and drain mana at the same time. Also able to drain mana without draining blood, making them ideal for combating puppets.
-Numbing agent, the teeth of these leeches are coated in a chemical numbing agent, much like many ordinary leeches, meaning targets do not feel when they are bitten.
-Blood thinning, injuries from these leeches can be made to have the effect of the "blood thinning technique" from the universal offensive medical tree to to a chemical agent present in many ordinary leeches
Technique list: none

Name: Transcendent leech
Specialties: Medical techniques, Mana transference
Rank: B
Appearance: These leeches are the one and a half times larger then an average human hand and are now a more familiar reddish brown color with thicker ridges down their body then normal leeches being somewhat 'fatter' about half as wide as they are long. Only one is summoned at a time.
Personality: These leeches are 'evolved' beyond all lesser breeds, able to not only take life, but give life back as well. With their dominance over the flow of mana and blood far out spacing their brethren they carry themselves with an air of superiority over 'mere parasites' and resent being mentioned in the same breath as lesser leeches. They are the end result of the mana hungry leech's evolution and are well aware of this.
Natural abilities:
Mana absorption, able to syphon mana out of targets at the same rate other leeches syphon blood, by attaching themselves to a target they can both cause damage and drain mana at the same time. Also able to drain mana without draining blood.
-Mana transference, able to act as a conduit to drain mana from one target (including the leech itself) in to another target, typically the summoner. This makes the leech especially useful for replenishing the summoners mana on missions as well as lending mana to teammates.
-Mana sensing, able to 'smell' mana the same way lesser leeches can smell blood, even more useful for tracking
Technique list:
-Bandage spell (universal healing techniques)
-Blood coagulation spell (universal healing techniques)
-Minor Healing Hands (universal healing techniques)
-Blood transfusion technique (universal healing techniques)
-Healing Hands spell (universal healing techniques)
-Major healing hands (universal healing techniques)

Name: Leech Monarch
Specialties: Summoning
Rank: A
Appearance: this colossal leech is large enough for a human to stand on or for up to four humans to comfortably ride, the creature's horse like hight is doubled by its width which is in tern doubled by its length. The creature's body is a medium grey tone and somewhat reflective from its smooth, amphibious skin's moisture. Its dagger like teeth are white and shine in its unsettling sucker like mouth, leading onlookers to wonder just what on earth it could possibly feed on.
Personality: This leech is the pinnacle of their race, a sole ruler for a teaming swamp of their kind, and they are well aware of this. Being by far the oldest they recall the war against the fish and retain a bitter resentment toward them and any humans who might still be summoning them. With their increased size comes an increased lethality, and they have no fear of other summons, preferring to fight directly, only calling in reinforcements when they deem it necessary.
Natural abilities:
-Leech summon's mastery, able to command large numbers of each other class of leeches, even the transcendent ones, able to have any number of leech summons out at once but still subject to summoning them individually.
Technique list:
Capable of summoning every other leech on this list

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