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Knight information

It is heavily suggested and encouraged that new role-players start their first characters as maximum D rank but if you are a veteran rp’er to this system or there is an overabundance of low ranking characters in need of teachers players are permitted to start out as higher ranking teacher characters.

Teaching techniques
-The teacher can teach his students any technique they know that the pupil is capable of learning, meaning that the elemental mana natures required must be the for teacher and pupil, or alternatively that the specialty must be shared (for example martial arts techniques must be taught to ninja with at least a minor martial arts specialty, puppetry techniques cannot be taught to a non-puppet using ninja).
-In addition, the teacher is capable of researching information about other techniques to teach their students if the pupil is capable of learning them. This is limited to the universal technique list and the, global elemental spells lists, and any kingdom-exclusive non-special forces exclusive technique trees that exist (for example a Forrest Kingdom teacher could teach the leaf-hurricane technique with out knowing it, but could not teach Special forces exclusive spell to their pupil D rank character)
-If a teacher has had a lot of personal experience with a technique tree from outside the village that the pupil is capable of learning, for example if they had an ally from another kingdom with whom they have performed many missions with, they can also impart that style to their pupil with out knowing it. (this may require outside help to accomplish)
-If another character in the kingdom has knows the type of spell the pupil wants to learn the teacher can use that other ninja as a method to teach that spell to the pupil with out knowing it (again, only if the pupil is capable of learning it)
-When a teacher teaches the pupil a technique, it must either come with the technique tree it was from, be used as a swap in the student's technique list, be free under the bonus of an archetype, or belong to a technique tree the pupil already knows. (keeping in mind the low ranking student's limited technique tree number)
-The teacher can teach their pupil one new specialty that they have if the student dose not have it, but it must come with a technique tree of its own for the student's own list
-The teacher may also teach their pupil one specialty they do not have that the they themselves do not have either, provided that it comes from a universal source or a source inside the kingdom (this also comes with at least one technique tree for the student's list, which is of course limited)

Imparting weapons and tools
-The teacher is aloud to give their pupil any item they have in their weapons list with out purchasing it a second time, but individual items like long sword are lost from the teacher's own list and need to be replaced, while items like throwing daggers and scrolls do not
-The teacher can also acquire totally new items to give their pupils, but within limits. The sensei can only give items from the universal list and the kingdom exclusive list for their kingdom. Of these the teachers can give any item or group of items amounting to ## total points
-The teacher can give custom items to their student, but only three, the first can be given when ever the teacher chooses, typically after some training and getting to know the student, the second can only be given after the first major mission, the third is only given at the students promotion to c rank, these items must be approved and will be free to the student provided their page clarifies the item is a gift and who it is for (this dose not necessarily cost weapon points if it is created in rp!)

Perks (in addition to something new to rp after getting to the high ranks)
-The teacher revives a “rank up” for their maximum technique amount upon becoming a teacher if they were not already
-Upon the first student reaching their first promotion a teacher who did not yet have a second archetype are permitted to take one
-Teacher characters receive an a +1 tier to any stat after each student is first promoted to c rank for their experiences training and mentoring the younger characters.

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