Some highly Important clarifications

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Some highly Important clarifications Empty Some highly Important clarifications

Post  Rasher on Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:16 am

A role-play and a fan-fiction are not always the same thing, which is to say certain characters that may be balanced and logical in one setting do not inherently lend themselves well to rping, to achieve a fair playing field for the site compromise and collaboration are totally necessary. Expect to have ideas tweaked and adjusted so that they can fit better in to the alternate universe's tone and overlying themes or limits. Moreover the role-play may have story-lines and characters already established when you join that have a more established role in the site, understand that we all share creative control and that a storyline does not inherently belong to one character, but also that the site cant really hope to give every character their own completely separate storyline cohesively.

Storyline does take priority over personal records and coolness factor, which is to say that many events and fights may be decided based off character development and plot-line advancement, avoiding stagnation rather than keeping someones character undefeated or protecting a political element that does not have plot-lines advancing. Discussion about storyline is integral to creating a compelling narrative that everyone can enjoy. This includes deciding which characters have optimal priority and focus.

-This site is not a sedentary system, it is a growing, evolving community and needs to remain as such, non-cannon embellishment and what is and isn't added to the site is based off collaboration and compromise, as well as what the staff community deems acceptable.

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