Squad and organization sheets

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Squad and organization sheets Empty Squad and organization sheets

Post  Rasher on Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:51 pm

Squads (three man cells or regular teams for missions)

Name or number:
Leader/sensei: (include link)
Members: (include links)
Team role: (three man cell, general forces, ect)
Team Jutsu: (includes collaborative jutsu, optional, link)
Team weapons: (optional, link)

Organizations (larger scale groups)

Symbol: (if applicable)
Type of group: ( criminal organization, special squad, division ect)
Leader: (link)
Loyalty: (specific village, individual ect)
Activities: (what do they do?)
Current members: (list a number and names of members with links, include positions/ranks of applicable)
Ex members: (list)
Base: (where do they operate from, a village or location)
History: (three line minimum)
Goals: (the goal of a three man cell being to train the genin to be full fledged ninja)
Accepting new members?: (yes or no, include any qualifications)
Group weapons/jutsu: (list and link)

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