Cedric Erasmus, Snow A rank hero (W.I.P.)

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Cedric Erasmus, Snow A rank hero (W.I.P.) Empty Cedric Erasmus, Snow A rank hero (W.I.P.)

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Name: Cedric Erasmus
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Hero, Scientist, Medical expert

Kingdom: Snow Kingdom
Rank: A
House: None
Team: Snow Kingdom Medical forces, Snow kingdom General forces, Team (Teacher)

Specialties: Medical Techniques, offensive medical techniques, Illusions, Martial arts and Summoning
Archetype: Combat Medic
Sub archetype: (was created at A rank, no sub archetype yet)
Nature element: Lightning

Appearance: (physical appearance in as much detail as possible, include any other appearances that may be applicable to the character, transformations ect, images can be used in addition to written descriptions only)
Clothing: (Include all items of equipment and clothing and wear they are kept)

Personality: Cedric comes off as detached and extremely pragmatic, often often absent minded he usually carries himself with little apparent regard for his surroundings the majority of his focus going to the big-picture. A fairly introverted type, he rarely attaches himself other people but rather they might never succeed in truly getting to know Cedric as long as they know him. Having little time for pleasantries and social niceties Cedric cuts directly to the point of matters and cares not to dance around delicate issues, which is not a favorable train for a doctor. He seems to have no concept of ‘squeamish’ nor dose he understand that other people might find medical maters off-putting or unsettling, leading him to break a lot of unwritten boundaries in this area. Often called “the worst person to be a doctor” for his demeanor Cedric is not callus or uncaring, rather he legitimately dose not see any reason to lie or ‘sugar coat’ the facts. Due to the “self-deception” illusions he used on himself in his younger years Cedric has become exceedingly unusual if not eccentric, often seen talking to illusionary clones of himself or off in his own ‘little world’, however this is not insanity but rather mental magic he performs on himself to help himself cope with stress or make difficult decisions. To Cedric, who has had the benefit of many conversations with his subconscious mind most people seem awkward and irritatingly shortsighted and this comes across in almost all his interaction with others. In combat and toward opponents Cedric’s pragmatism finally crosses over in to an outright cold demeanor, using any advantages his highly analytical mind can calculate against them with little concern for ‘social institutions’ like honor. Despite being pragmatic cold and reveling in the grizzly or macabre when it comes to his scientific study Cedric is by no means the sadist he is sometimes made out to be, rather he simply dedicated himself to progress and advancement, not to being well liked and he garners a healthy fear in his enemies simply because its easier to avoid bigger problems that way.
Likes/Dislikes: Cedric enjoys unexpected solutions to complex problems, leading him to view many situations, including treating a unusual medical condition or on missions against a particularly strong enemy as puzzles or games, much to his team-mates irritation he even views their own bodies this way. He dose not however respond well to ‘traditional’ methodologies, especially in science and medicine, he would likely have crossed over in to the territory of  ‘mad science’ long ago without superiors to reign him in. Cedric often says things like “You have no vision” and “Why are you cringing? Think of the possibilities”
Goals: Cedric is at a bit of a crossroads in his life, his old goal of pursuing personal edification and self-exploration seems to have concluded rather easily and anticlimactically, leading him at a loss for current direction in his life. For now, he has directed his attention on his new students, seeing them as a new project but also as a chance to connect with people again, something he has extensively put off in life.

-Early life-
In this world of rival kingdoms and legions of magical heroes any child showing any sort of promise or aptitude is typically slated to become a hero as a matter of course, Cedric was no exemption. Learning to talk long before he ever learned to walk and learning to read with a similar uncanny prodigiousness the child Cedric seemed to be most at home in books, seldom if ever making any friends and keeping them even less often, this lead him to become a secluded, sheltered and even unsettling child. Expecting a great hero to eventually come from the family his parents were not concerned with Cedric’s lack of social development and rather filled the child’s room with all manor of books, from fictional stories to texts on science, biology, magic and history, which Cedric read with such interest that the boy’s bed was lined with a veritable staircase of half dog-eared books on all sides nearly constantly. As a child Cedric would often unnerve or scare other children with his growing fascination with subjects others viewed as macabre or disgusting, such as entomology and the human anatomy but as a young boy he seldom cared, perhaps even finding some joy in being distanced from his then intellectual inferiors. It came as no surprise to anyone when Cedric passed the academy entrance exam with flying colors, rather it was a surprise that he had only just then thought to apply, having clearly known more then enough to pass with his intelligence alone.
-Academy days-
Despite having read a great deal on the matter Cedric had little interest in magic as it was simple and easy to understand, and martial arts, as well as weapons seemed more suited to the athletic types, so Cedric focused very little on those instructions. Instead, Cedric focused much of his attention on the lessons regarding medical and scientific matters, being naturally very curious as to the nature of how things worked and being anything but squeamish he would often explore lessons of human anatomy and biology very eagerly, a trait seldom seen in academy students leading many teachers to suggest a career as a medical hero. Cedric, having never cared especially much for his fellow students was reluctant to become a medical hero at first but as he looked in to it and read books on surgeries, the chemistry of drugs, and a few controversial books on medical experiments Cedric agreed to the idea; though his desire to become a medical hero out of intellectual curiosity rather then any humanitarian tendency was rather unsettling to instructors.  From then on the focus was taken off combat and mission training and Cedric was put in advanced classes to prepare him for medical training, something he welcomed as it meant less time focusing on lessons that did not interest him, though he continued to train in illusions as a means of self-preservation, should that undesirable ‘combat’ part of being a hero come along and need to be escaped.
-Graduation and early training-
Cedric was one of the few academy students to pass with a written report rather then a practical show of ability, though he was required to demonstrate medical techniques he’d practiced in the instructors ultimately passed him due to the advanced amount of knowledge he’d acquired on the subject. Once the academy was over Cedric was assigned on to a three-member team of trainee heroes under the watch of a higher-ranking teacher to finish out the rest of his training. His team was fairly simple, with Cedric as the support, a snow-spell using mage and a weapons user on primary offense. Their instructor, an accomplished mage and beast-master focused namely on competitive training and was content to resign Cedric to the duties of a field medic, which he was completely okay with, since it meant he would have more time to study and practice things if greater interest to him, namely books about medical techniques and illusions. It was at this time that Cedric discovered a very obscure, very disused book entitled ‘the art of self deception’ which had the unorthodox idea of casting illusionary spells on oneself. This period of minimal effort in training and extensive free-study was very limited however as soon their first missions as a unit began, forcing Cedric to face the actual job-description of a hero by going in to potentially dangerous missions.
-Missions as a trainee hero-
Though he was by no means pleased to go on missions with his trainee team Cedric seldom had to do much early on, namely he would supplement group efforts with illusions when necessary and the few times combat was necessary he simply stayed out of the way until someone needed healing, this was ideal since Cedric had never really reveled in danger or excitement and was confidant enough in his illusions to avoid much risk. This changed however on one mission ceric found himself isolated from his team for the first time, against a far stronger opponent, though he was able to escape with his life it was only due to a team-mate saving him at the last minute and his escape was not without extensive injury. All through out Cedric’s recovery he began to realize that he could not depend on his team-mates for his constant protection, his lack of combat ability was a sure-fire weakness which not only endangered the missions, it endangered his team-mates and himself. Putting his other studies aside Cedric voluntarily began to take up martial arts training, and also began to adapt his medical techniques in to particularly malicious attack spells designed to quickly bring down a foe if cornered.
-The heroic exams-
Despite his new focus on training Cedric failed his first exam, and his second exam; during the first exam his team passed the first round easily due to their practice functioning as a unit, but ultimately failed the individual tests that followed. The second exam went better for them next year, with the team passing each round until the last round but ultimately leading to the final tournament in which perspective heroes battle to showcase their abilities and techniques. Though he was able to win the first round using his illusions and medical limb-crippling nerve strikes but was ultimately defeated by two other combatants, one whom had an illusionary counter technique to reverse his tricks and counter him with ranged attacks, the other simply employed a very large scale offensive spell to damage him without actually having to see him using their vast supply of mana. After the second exam his team-mates widely parted ways, each moving on to new ranks and doing missions with various members of the snow kingdom general forces, while Cedric namely spent his time in the kingdom’s medical forces healing injured heroes and widely avoiding missions, where he came to be known for his poor bedside manner and calculative approach to medicine. Determined to prove his worth as a hero however Cedric spent much of his free time training and researching, learning a medical martial art to deal with poisons known as the ‘snake hand’ and a select few illusions to bridge the distance between himself and an opponent.
-Missions as an official hero-
-Eventual promotion and assignments-

Stats (by tier, include archetype bonuses)

Physical Tertiary
Strength: Tertiary
Speed: Primary
Endurance: Secondary

Mental Primary
Intelligence: Primary (+1 for combat medic)
Tactics: Secondary
Will power: Tertiary

Chakra Secondary
Power: Tertiary
Control: Primary
Reserves: Secondary

Weapons list: (link to page)

(Universal medical tools)
(Universal poisons)

Technique list:

(Universal medical spells)
(Universal offensive medical spells)
(Universal Illusions)
(The art of self-deception illusions)
(The snake hand, magical martial art)
(Medical Mana Leech summons)

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