K “Kay” Iommi, Cloud Trainee Hero (W.I.P.)

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K “Kay” Iommi, Cloud Trainee Hero (W.I.P.) Empty K “Kay” Iommi, Cloud Trainee Hero (W.I.P.)

Post  Rasher on Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:27 pm

Name: K “Kay” Iommi
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Occupation: Hero in training, armature musician

Kingdom: Cloud
Rank: D
House: None
Team: Team _ (trainee member)

Specialties: Lightning Magic
Archetype: (created at D rank, no promotion yet)
Sub archetype: Myrmidon
Nature element: Lightning

Appearance: (physical appearance in as much detail as possible, include any other appearances that may be applicable to the character, transformations ect, images can be used in addition to written descriptions only)
Clothing: (Include all items of equipment and clothing and wear they are kept)

Personality: K is an atypical hero, in that heroics have never been a priority for him in the slightest, in fact he is probably one of the only heroes ever to live to view heroics as ‘just a job’ rather then a calling of great importance or a duty of great prestige. K is a social extrovert with a fairly outgoing disposition who is both informal and relaxed yet at the same time he is often first to come over and address others, and approaches most people with a friendly or at least casual disposition. This disposition dose however immediately change once orders, missions, lecturing or any sort of ‘work' causing K to become snaky, rebellious and standoffish. K has an arguably bloated ego, making him somehow cocky yet lazy, wise-cracking yet unmotivated. K has always tended toward attention seeking which makes him a natural performer, with an air of "stage presence" most of the time, being no stranger to appearances and the social game he excels at projecting confidence to others. K doesn't exactly understand heroes, and outright pities heroes who don't have anything other then heroics going on, he sees this singular devotion or fanaticism as depressing and lamentable, as to K a long, successful life means nothing if it isn't enjoyed. Talkative, shallow and hedonistic K is exactly the type of teenager that other teenagers would respect and admire, for all the wrong reasons.
Likes/Dislikes: K claims to be fairly one-note in terms of interests, and while his music remains chiefly his first and foremost ‘like’ he does enjoy other things. Among these other things are his many friends from the hero academy and the surrounding kingdom, as he is somewhat proud of the very active social life he leads outside of heroics. K is also a fairly relaxed personality most of the time, preferring to spend his downtime on ‘jam sessions’ or just being ‘chill’. Conversely K absolutely despises being made to do ‘work’, namely heroics. He has no time or interest in heroic training, missions or any other ‘official’ hero’s business. Due to the bad reputation this has given him with senior heroes K also strongly dislikes authority figures and being lectured on what to do, as any twelve year old dose.
Goals: K is a basically directionless youth, his only real goals could be described as simple self preservation, avoidance of pain and discomfort and pursuit of his interests, namely his music. K more or less just wants to live a simple life, coasting on minimal effort and focusing all his attention on being a musician despite being a trained hero for the cloud kingdom. This is effectively evidence of K’s unrealistic worldview and lack of logical perspective in life due to his extreme inexperience as a hero and young age, with goals like these K basically has zero chance of becoming a great hero and legitimately does not -at least presently- care.

(higher rank characters require longer history, break the history up in to “arks” at least a paragraph in length


Strength: 2
Speed: 4 (+1 from myrmidon archetype bonus)
Endurance: 2

Intelligence: 0
Tactics: 4
Will power: 1

Power: 1
Control: 1
Reserves: 3

Weapons list:
10 weapons points total
-Musical instrument: Bass Lute (1 wp, covered under universal weapons list rules on instruments)
-Throwing knives (2 wp, universal list, small weapons)
-Strings (1 wp, universal list, items and tools)
-Smoke bombs (2 wp, universal list, items and tools)
-Explosive pouches (2 wp, universal list, small weapons)
-Chainmail bracers (2 wp, universal list, armors)

Technique list:
(list the technique trees, number and type of techniques, rank, specialties ect and link to list)

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