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Post  Rasher on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:18 pm

in a role-play your posts are divided in to two types, plot posts and combat posts. Plot posts are any posts outside combat, for the purposes of those posts the action system does not apply. In plot posts writers are aloud to control the passage of time freely and take actions with out keeping track of them for the sake of the story. Combat posts take place when characters have entered a fight, or for the duration of threads that are just depicting a combat, inside combat posts characters must keep track of the actions they take per post as there is a set limit on how much can and cannot be done in one post. This system is in place so that characters cannot send large numbers of attacks and actions a character is free to take in the duration of a single post. These actions are divided in to the following categories;

Basic action
-Attacking with a weapon, attacking unarmed, using a technique (as part of a combination technique with what ever technique your casting as your spell action) blocking an attack
Spell action
-Casting a spell or using a named technique of any kind, this merely includes the act of casting it, though spell can also be cast as an basic action this is only in combination with a spell or technique cast using the spell action
Movement action
-Running, jumping, climbing, or anything that takes the character from point A to point B. Though it is posible to move in a circle or jump in place more then once your character's movement action is limited in the sense that you can only move from a starting point to an end point, you cannot move to multiple destinations in one post, merely down a path of movement with one action, making stoping along the way
Sustained action
-Any action that takes place durring the entire post, such as maintaining a technique or spell that is already in effect or keeping a bloodline ability active
Free action
-Any minor actions that take very little time, such as unsheathing or sheathing a weapon, canceling a sustained action or preparing a spell
Automatic action
-Things to short and inconsequential to count as a free action, such as getting up from a laying down position, speaking, ect

per post charcters are limited to one basic, one spell, one movement, one sustained action, three free actions and any number of automatic actions

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