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Post  Rasher on Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:40 am

Rather than using numerical values for statistics in characters, this role-play will operate on the tier system, the actual tiers themselves serve to let role-players know who can outrun, outlast and outwit others ect, but it also allows players to know exactly how confidant their character's abilities are in each category with clear examples to their limits. This page is merely a brief overview of the twenty tiers

Tier 0 No ability
Tier 1 a young child
Tier 2 a "total zero"
Tier 3 a grade school graduate
Tier 4 peasant
Tier 5 noteworthy peasant
Tier 6 local hero
Tier 7 soldier
Tier 8 actual hero in training
Tier 9 general forces hero
Tier 10 knight
Tier 11 renown knight
Tier 12 heroic instructor
Tier 13 special squad recruit
Tier 14 ledgend
Tier 15 special squad team-leader
Tier 16 world famous hero
Tier 17 Special squad commander
Tier 18 Immortal legend level
Epic Tier demigod

detailed explanations and limits for the tier level of all stats can be found in their respective information pages

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