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Post  Rasher on Fri Sep 14, 2012 11:43 pm

Archetype swaps (can be chosen instead of one of the main list at creation)

-universal base archetypes-

Sensor ninja
Description: Ninja who have the innate ability to use a sixth sense for chakra, feeling chakra comes natural to them with out having to learn any special techniques to do it. More sensitive than other ninja the sensor can "feel" chakra with ease and they are a highly specialized field of ninja in every village
Stats: +1 tier to any chakra stat
Ability: Receives "chakra sensing jutsu" as a free marker with out giving up a specialty and can use it as a free action (rather than a sustained or jutsu)

Chakra eater
Description: A ninja whos body has a natural ability to take in chakra from others, chakra spirals through the body of a ninja naturally but a chakra eater can reverse the direction of this motion to absorb chakra in to the body instead of putting it out. Many chakra eaters often replenish their chakra suplies in battle with this technique and are rare finds among ninja.
Stats: +1 tier to any chakra stat
Ability: Receives the "Lesser chakra absorption" jutsu as a free maker with out giving up a specialty and can use it as a free action

Human charger
Description: A ninja who has the innate ability to shift chakra from their body to others, they are unique in that they can support other ninja in a way not even medical ninja can by replenishing the lost chakra of others, making them often more supportive ninja on teams rather than stand alone shinobi. The human charger must always be careful not to overextend their abilities however because using up to much of their own chakra becomes risky so they tend to avoid chakra expensive jutsu
Stats: +1 tier to any chakra stat
Ability: Receives the "Chakra transfer" jutsu as a free maker with out giving up a specialty and can use it as a free action on multipul targets

Description: Once there was a time when samurai were the warrior class of the world that now constitutes the land of shinobi, however as the years went by ninja began to replace them more and more and soon even the lords they served stopped using them in favor of ninjutsu users and ninja villages formed in every major nation. Now only the land of iron uses samurai as its primary military and seems to be the only place where one can learn to become one. Samurai may not be able to use ninjutsu but they're martial arts vastly pre-date that of ninja and are honed beyond ninja's proficiency. Truly great samurai can even counter ninjutsu altogether with blistering speed. Even now when ninja seem to rule the world, none dare to meddle in the affairs of the land of iron and their brigades of samurai.
Stats: +2 tiers to speed
Flaw: The samurai can never have or use any ninjutsu genjutsu summons puppets medical techniques and can never have a bloodline limit. (all chakra based stats are always 0) The samurai is also limited to only katana, wakizashi, tanto, or nodachi a helmet and full body armor in terms of equipment. The samurai is allowed pure-blade kenjutsu and some taijutsu. The samurai must be from the land of iron or have once belonged to the nation.
-Life by the sword, all basic sword attacks are treated as kenjutsu attacks equal to the characters rank (for example a c rank samurai will always slash with the effect of a c rank kenjutsu)
-Empowered slashes, three times per thread the samurai can add an additional rank to their "life by the sword" bonus for a basic attack (a c rank samurai can slash with the effect of a b rank kenjutsu)
-Uncanny blade, three times per thread the samurai can imbue their sword with a "cut all" property slashing any physical object regardless of its durability, even if it is wider than their blade is long. Air currents, flames and electrical currents are also disrupted as if themselves "cut" (obviously cannot slice through characters with out calling a hit)
-Chakra filled blade, a samurais sword is imune to the effects of electricity, magnetism, rusting and any other technique that is normally effective against metal weapons for the purposes of blocking, this effect is always active
-True Ia, once per thread the samurai can perform a draw technique so fast that no ninjutsu can be used to counter it, as handseals cannot be made in time. (can-not break the laws of combat, characters can sill respond by fighting with weapons)
Promotions: Samurai do-not gain chakra based advantages from promotions they can promote to several archetypes including Artist of warfare, Vagabond swordsman, Juggernaut, Duelist, Arms master, Guardian, Frontliner, Bastion, General (all found in the normal archetypes thread) or Swords-master (found in this thread) to gain a new ability. (arms master and duelist gain blunt and spear based weapons to use in kenjutsu as an added advantage, vagabond swordsman also gains a taijutsu bouns which is normally off limits for samurai)

-Universal promotions-

Chakra replenisher (Human charger + Human battery)
Description: A supportive ninja that has the ability to transfer chakra to others coupled with a very high reserve of chakra in their body, any ninja would be glad to have a powerhouse on their team, especially ninja who use powerful, chakra expensive jutsus. Powerhouse ninja are rare and sought after, able to turn a teams defeat in to a victory in the final hour.
Ability: Once per thread the powerhouse can fully recharge one allies chakra with a lower chakra rank than they have, after this the powerhouse cannot use any jutsu beyond d rank for four posts and takes the net chakra loss of one of the highest rank of jutsu they can perform

Battlefield sensor (sensor ninja + tactician)
Description: Ninja who cannot be surprised or ambushed, their ability to sense chakra and knowledge of tactics and planning make them ideal for seeing through traps and ploys from enemies, they combine their tactical expertise with the hard evidence of chakra detection and are thus highly valued in tense situations by ninja teams, countering stealth with exceptional ability. They have honed their chakra sense to a level where it can be used in battle.
Ability: Every three posts the Battlefield sensor can sense the direction of an oncoming ninjutsu attack they canot see by the concentration of chakra (this is not pre-cognizance, just practical use of the chakra sense)

Rouge caster (chakra eater + ninjutsu specialist)
Description: Ninja who have been able to absorb chakra always but are best at using absorbed chakra to fuel their many different ninjutsu techniques, effective in ninjutsu on ninjutsu combat they turn the tides in struggles by imbuing their techniques with the element of chakra absorption. Effective ninja who rely on their opponents to avoid running out of chakra in battle.
Ability: Three times per thread the rouge caster can immune a ninjutsu with the ability to absorb chakra (for example, a fireball that absorbs the chakra of the earth wall it hits to keep burning, or a water prison that saps the victims chakra) Jutsu connected to the user feed chakra to them, jutsu fired from the user grow when exposed to chakra

Chakra predator (sensor ninja + chakra eater)
Description: A chakra eater who has gained an insaciable apetite for chakra to the point of being able to sense it or a sensor ninja who has unlocked the ability to absorb chakra. Able to hunt down and absorb the chakra of opponents relentlessly and devour the chakra of their targets with fervor and certainty. The predator often uses their absorbed chakra to enhance their ability to chase down targets and rarely run out of chakra in a fight.
Ability: Gains the ability of what ever archetype they chose second (either sensor or chakra eater), and the ability to "sniff out" the source of a chakra every three posts

Chakra siphoning ninja (human charger + chakra eater)
Description: Supportive ninja who have mastered the ability to direct chakra in and out of people. The siphoner can transfer the chakra of a team to a select individual for a large group jutsu, sap the chakra for enemies and use it to feed the chakra of friends or themselves. Versatile and a master of chakra's control the siphoner is a rare breed of ninja that can handle chakra as easily as they can physical objects.
Ability: Gains the ability of what ever archetype they chose second (either human charger or chakra eater), and the ability to allow a group of up to three ninja to share their chakra supplies for one post twice per thread

Chakra status reader (human charger + sensor ninja)
Description: A ninja that can extend their ability to sense chakra to read out exactly how much chakra someone has in their body, and if need be supply them with more chakra. Either supportive sensors that become able to transfer chakra or human chargers who gain the ability to sense chakra from their natural affinity for the chakra of others. These ninja are often found in medical compounds checking patents to see if they have over exhausted their chakra
Ability: Gains the ability of what ever archetype they chose second (either human charger or sensory ninja) and can read out exactly how much chakra a target has every three posts (Ie know how many jutsus of how many rank they have left in them for the thread)

Samurai promoton (requires admin approval)
Description: the highest hight for any samurai to reach, swords-masters' names and blades become legendary among samurai and they are promoted to generals in the land of iron's military. A very slight few, if any, ever reach this honor and it comes only after decades of diligent training, and the cultivation of ones own sword style. The greatest swords-masters are the only samurai who pose a threat to high level ninja, but they are a clear reminder that the samurai have not, and perhaps never will fade in to history.
-Can now use the samurai's "true ia" ability on a three post cooldown

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