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Post  Rasher on Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:24 pm

Any character is aloud one primary archetype upon creation and receives a stat bonus and an ability from it, this gives heroes a sort of specialization that extends to a second archetype when the hero is first promoted (in rp) to the next highest rank after what ever rank they started. The second has no stat merit of its own but gives the stat merit of what ever archetype in its composition that wasn't first chose. The secondary archetype bestows a second, more powerful ability to use in threads. Obviously if your character starts off a high A rank they gain no second archetype unless promoted to S rank, which is unlikely at best.

Note: you must declare out of character when you are using an archetype ability!

-Primary archetypes-

Description: A sorcerer widely versed in magic that performs an extensive library of spells extending beyond their given nature element, having a spell for every occasion. A real caster type the mage has a leg up on hero who specialize in physical fighting alone and can even outmatch fellow magic users with superior manapower
Stats: +1 tier to mana power
Ability: Receives two free global spells per rank added to their technique lists at that do not count toward the intelligence limit (from the global magic spell list only)

Description: A magical trickster who uses illusions to overcome stronger opponents, with their tricks they throw off or outright stupefy targets with out fighting directly, using the most complex style of magical combat. illusionists are also apt at countering the illusions of others who use illusions. Masters of manipulation in combat can overwhelm any un-prepared or weak-minded advisory with out so much as breaking a sweat or drawing a weapon
Stats: +1 tier to mana control
Ability: Receives two free global illusion added to their technique lists per rank at no cost (from the global illusion list only)

Mana battery
Description: A mage that takes advantage of their vast supply of mana to use larger spells more frequently and in greater amounts than other casters with out running out of mana, this causes them to appear far more talented than they actually are, with mana following rich in their veins the mana battery is naturally gifted with vast supplies of mana and can enter heated spell casting matches with out worry.
Stats: +1 tier to mana reserves
Ability: Gains one additional use of their highest ranked spells once per thread (meaning a A rank would gain +1 A rank spell use per thread)

Human tank
Description: A frontline solder, plain and simple, durable and powerful but lacking finesse and specialty. The human tank does not have time to bend to pain or difficulty, nor do they understand such a thing as a back step. They have one job and get strait to the point, to fulfill their mission as directly as possible. Most human tanks use at least some martial arts, but some simply pride themselves on being just plain sturdier than others.
Stats: +1 tier to defense
Ability: Withstand, three times per thread the human tank can increase their defense by one tier for one post, this lowers damage received for the duration  (this ability’s three uses can be used two or three times in one post and stacks)

Description: Agile types that are about one thing and one thing only, speed. No mater how strong or skilled an opponent is if the battle ends before they can touch the quicksilver it wont have mattered at all, this hero dose their best to constantly hone their reflexes to respond to faster and faster timing to catch up to their unparalleled speed. The quicksilver aims to one day be fast enough to overcome any obstacle simply by virtue of lightning agility
Stats: +1 tier to speed
Ability: Burst of speed, three times per thread the quicksilver can increase their speed stat by 1 tier for one post, this applies to speed of the movement action and any physical attacks (this ability’s three uses can be used two or three times in one post and stacks)

Description: The typical brute, the powerhouse is uncommonly strong, even among heroes! preferring to save time and effort by simply striking down an enemy. Most powerhouse use at least some martial, but others are weapon users who effortlessly wield weapons to large for most people to even carry
Stats: +1 tier to strength
Ability: Surge, three times per thread the powerhouse can increase their strength by one tier for one post, this increases the damage of physical attacks and the weight of objects that can be lifted or thrown. (this ability’s three uses can be used two or three times in one post and stacks)

Description: A hero who always rebels against the norm and resists convention and control, a stubborn figure who is not easily convinced to work with others. This stubbornness makes them ideal leaders as they tend to always have their own way of solving problems. They refuse to be controlled or held down and are experts at escaping and resisting opponents, interrogation attempts often fail entirely against them.
Stats: +1 tier to willpower
Ability: Chain-break, once per thread the maverick can forcibly break free from being caught in a illusion, prison based spell or from physical bonds, this counts as their basic and spell action for the post but is not effected by the rank of the technique imprisoning them. (this only works for one constraint, the maverick cannot break free from two constraints or spells with this ability)

Description: A genius of sorts, the tactician may use a variety of techniques but as parts of a greater plan rather than simple attacking and blocking, masters of strategy and trap making the tactician is capable of laying out a battle plan and making adjustments to that plan in the midst of a battle with ease. Valuable to the heroes military and any adventuring team alike.
Stats: +1 tier to tactics
Ability: Superior planning, the tactician can instantly recognize the plan, ploy or trap of an opponent on sight three times per thread with total accuracy even if it is being obscured or hidden from them and can then take action against it or warn others (regardless of tactics level or intelligence, but must be explained away in rp)

Human textbook
Description: Scholars who study books as much as the spells or techniques with minds as sharp as any sword. Though they don’t excel at strategy like tacticians they have a huge repertoire of knowledge on many subjects and are masters at applying it on missions. Some people are quick to dismiss their study as impractical, but underestimating the human textbook is a mistake few live to repeat. A human textbook is an ace at analyzing enemies weak points and  knowing just how to handle most any situation and are a vital asset to any adventurer team. Often they work with spies as it takes a human textbook to put the information they steal to use.
Stats: +1 tier to intelligence
Ability: Lightning wit, three times a thread the human textbook can analyze a technique or situation, applying their vast bank of knowledge against the adversity, instantly coming up with a solution to the problem, coming up with the weakness to the jutsu they face, way out of the trap or solution of the problem and know it right away. However knowing the solution and applying it are two extremely different things.

Blade dancer
Description:  Heroes who carry the spirit of warriors from times past as users of martial weapons, namely blades. From heroic greatswords to all manor of knives, axes, anything with that lethal edge, blade dancers think on their feet with lightning fast reflexes to slash apart opponents. Of course, in this world almost everyone knows a little magic, so the blade dancer often uses mana to give their swordplay an extra edge.  
Stats: +1 tier to either strength or speed
Ability: Blade mastery, can treat a basic attack with a sword as a weapon technique equal to the users rank as a basic action three times a thread (meaning that a A rank character could treat a sword slash as an A rank weapon technique attack for the purposes of spell-breaking). Using blade mastery takes up the post’s spell action but allows the blade master to use a second basic action for that post. (the second basic action will not carry blade mastery’s effect but can be an attack)

Description: Masters of piercing weaponry, not quite blade dancers and not quite crushing specialists the Lancer is versatile and powerful and very conventional combatant, focusing on impaling targets quickly and decisively rather than defeating them dramatically, they possess more accuracy and precision than blade dancers but lack the distinct library of techniques.
Stats: +1 tier to speed or defense
Ability: Impale, once per thread the lancer can imbue a basic attack with a defense-shredding effect, which will allow it to pierce thinner metals and thick materials in armor, cut away the straps affixing heavier armor to the body of the target or stab through stone or wooden defenses, though stabbing through a defense reduces the effectives of the attack impale will surely deal some damage beyond the defense it pierces. Impale’s effect carries to any basic attacks or weapon technique used with the piercing weapon during its one post duration, meaning that the user can get two impales off with a basic action attack and a spell action weapon technique attack.

Crushing specialist
Description: A true martial artist in the sense that they use only blunt instruments, such as a staff, baton or club like weapon, these warriors lack the finesse of a most but possess greater power and, though still quite capable of defeating opponents and injuring targets they tend to kill fewer opponents than other weapons specialists
Stats: +1 tier to strength or defense
Ability: Crushing mastery, can treat a basic attack with a blunt weapon as a weapon technique attack equal to the users rank as a basic action three times a thread (meaning that a A rank could treat a basic lunge as an A rank weapon technique attack for the purpose of spell-breaking). Weapon mastery takes up the post’s spell action but bestows a second basic action for the post its used in. (the second basic action will not carry Crushing mastery’s effect but can be an attack)

Description: Mages who study techniques by a specific elemental mana nature, usually gifted with a high mastery over their element and occasionally possessing multiple elemental natures with an innate ability to be in tuned with the nature of their element.
Stats: +1 tier to either mana power or mana reserves
Ability: Receives one free universal spell from their main elements’ universal list per rank, is also allowed one additional swap per rank for spells of the chosen element only

Description: magic users fortunate enough to inherit or establish for themselves a contract with a clan of magical animals, the summoner has a special affinity for the summoning spell and gets along well with the magical beasts that they've partnered with, summoners differ from beast-masters in that they don't necessarily have a personal bond with their partners but instead call them only when its absolutely necessary
Stats: +1 tier to mana reserves or mana control
Ability: Dramatic entrance, once per thread the summoner may summon the next highest ranked summon above what they can normally use, at the cost of all remaining mana for the rest of the thread, the new summon can only remain on the field for three posts as this is "not covered in their contract".

Description: A unique type of hero using a complex and intricate tool, the puppet, fitted with hidden weapons this mana controlled figure proves to be a lethal combination for ranged combat and espionage, though inanimate most of the time the puppet is a deadly and tricky opponent in the hands of an expert
Stats: +1 tier to either mana control or mana power
Ability: mana strings and puppeteering spell do not take up technique slots for the characters maximum limit, the character can use and sustain both spells with out taking up their sustained action. The character is also aloud to control 1 additional puppet than their rank would allow at a time.

Description: A mage who is best suited to the art of seals, armed with books and scrolls the scribe carries a verity of pre-sealed weapons, materials, effects and even spells for any occasion. Because the scribe prepares attacks before hand they can battle with minimal mana and retain maximum effect. This type of magic user loves to set traps and establish parameters with defensive seals making them a versatile and effective caster, though they tend to fall short when with out their prepared tags
Stats: +1 tier to Intelligence or tactics
Ability: Seals mastery, the scribe can perform the generic sealing technique as an automatic action (releasing seals can be done as a free action) the scribe is aloud to have their sealing tags and scrolls inscribed before threads begin, meaning they do not have to take up a basic action to set up a sealing spell, only use the mana and materials necessary for sealing it.  The scribe is also allowed to activate multiple seals at the same time if they are the same seal.

Bloodline specialist
Description: bloodline users born in to a powerful range of techniques, trained from an early age in the secrets of their house they carry the hope of their house's coming generation as students of the family spells
requires bloodline techniques as a primary specialty, and/or for the user to have a bloodline ability
Stats:  +1 tier to whatever stat the house specializes in (ask your house head what stat to increase, though most house pages will have a small footnote on which stat bloodline specialists get boosts in for this archetype)
Ability: Natural ability, bloodline specialists do not need to use a sustained action to keep their bloodline ability activated. Also their bloodline ability and the markers for bloodline exclusive technique trees are added to their technique list without counting toward the maximum limit

Projectile specialist
Description: A stealthy type of hero who hurls death from a distance, using a verity of weapons with deadly accuracy.  Using some spells to supplement their projectile attacks but mainly specializing in weapons techniques, if cornered they can easily weave around attacks and engage in shoot-outs with opponents.
Stats: +1 tier to either tactics or speed
Ability: The projectile specialist has access to the next rank up of their ranged based weapon techniques style for one technique once per thread, this is accomplished by trying a technique they have heard about but never practiced. The character also gains multiple toss technique (from the universal projectile weapons list) with out counting toward the technique limit and gains the ability to perform it with an attack as a basic action (this dose use up take the post's spell action)

Description: Similar to the projectile specialist but more geared toward carful fighting at a distance, more like “snipers”, they never fight up close unlike a projectile specialist and use projectiles such as arrows that are fired rather than simply thrown for greater distance
Stats: +1 tier to either tactics or mana control
Ability: True-shot, the character is aloud perfect accuracy for one projectile attack basic action or one ranged weapons attack attack (will hit a stationary target no mater how unlikely the shot) this does not account for defensive actions or techniques used on the targets part.
Receives the “dead eye” weapons technique from universal projectile skills with out counting toward the maximum limit and are always under it's effects without taking a sustained action

Description: A magical physician who specializes in saving the lives of his heroic comrades with the famous hero's speed and skill, using magic to aid in their vast knowledge of medicine, these healers are considered more compassionate than their characteristically hardened warrior counterparts
Stats: +1 tier to either mana control or intelligence
Ability: “Diagnosis technique” from the universal medical technique tree is added for free to the character’s technique list without counting toward the maximum limit and can be used by the medic as a free action (this dose use up take the post's spell action).
Once per thread the user can also perform a perfect diagnosis as a automatic action, determining the cause of an ailment even if it is being hidden by the effect of a technique, on sight (even if the characters intelligence would not allow it).

Combat medic
Description: A medical hero who is more battle ready than a simple doctor, skilled in both healing and disabling the human body, though not as skilled at healing allies as a medic might be the combat medic is more than able to hold their own in a fight, making them less of a liability to a fighting force, though they are as studied in harming the body as they are healing it
Stats: +1 tier to either intelligence or speed
Ability: Once per thread the combat medic can extend the duration of a poison by one post as a free action, or double its effectiveness of that poison for one post.
The medical technique “malicious study” from the universal offensive medical technique tree is added to their technique list without counting toward the maximum limit and it can be used as a free action (with out taking up the post’s spell action).  

Description: A hero who focuses on protecting themselves and others rather than defeating opponents, using all manor of barrier, armor, and shield spells, even jumping in the way of attacks to save a comrade if necessary. Some kingdoms value these heroes quite highly, especially when the kingdom is under attack, meaning their place is usually at the home front where they are most needed
Stats: +1 tier to defense or willpower
Ability: Safeguard, twice per thread the user may block an offensive technique or spell with a defensive technique or spell one stage lower than it (such as a d rank shield stopping a c rank attack, or a b rank earth shield stopping a b rank lightning attack) totally extinguishing the offensive technique or spell

Description: A hero most consider foolish, but soon come to realize as either brilliant or lucky. The daredevil leaps directly in to the fray of things, running toward danger rather than away from it, they have a high tolerance for pain and fear and use it to perform death defying feats daily.  Weather the daredevil is fearless or stupid is left to be decided but they poses exceptional acrobatic skill and an iron will to allow them to stare danger in the face every single mission of their career.
Stats: +1 tier to speed or willpower
Ability: Death-defy, the daredevil is aloud one dodge that defies the laws of damage, or to be hit by an attack and defy the laws of damage once per thread, this can be attributed to chance or luck if necessary should not be written as an auto-dodge (though practically it is one.)

Description: A truly offensive solder, as a hero the Cavalier is an enforcer of sorts, trained more than normal soldiers for the direct purpose of destroying the enemy, the cavalier is an all out attacker with physical power and an arsenal of spells, any means necessary to deal out damage! Fierce and dangerous the cavalier is a seasoned veteran of heroic battles.
Stats: +1 tier to strength or mana power
Ability: Shatter-cast, the cavalier can break a defensive technique or spell with an offensive technique or spell one stage lower than it twice per thread (such as a c rank attack breaking a b rank defense or a d rank fire attack breaking a d rank water defense. (This exchange disregards who's mana power is higher) this totally shatters the defensive technique or spell and lets the offensive technique or spell through

Description: A more well rounded solder than the cavalier and the defender, serving as the balance between them, the myrmidon uses spells to overcome opponents to strong to fight and defeats anyone they cant match with spells physically, they blur the line between spells and martial arts, often combining them in unique ways, always present in the heat of a struggle using their diverse skill set to overcome steep odds and brute force in a pinch. The type of hero your definitely going to need if the situation is strongly out of your favor.
Stats: +1 tier to mana power or speed
Ability: Burst of power, three times per thread the myrmidon can increase their mana power by one tier for one post  (this ability’s three uses can be used two or three in one post at once and stacks)

Martal arts specialist
Description: A physical fighter, hero who prefer direct combat over more complex fighting, more talented and diligent with their bodies than others, relying on skill rather than overly flashy spell techniques
Stats: +1 tier to any one physical category
Ability: A second +1 tier to any one physical stat
Empowered strike, three times per thread the martial arts specialist can treat a basic unarmed attack as a martial arts attack equal to the users rank as a basic action (meaning that an A rank could treat a punch as an A rank martial arts attack for the purposes of spell-breaking) Empowered strike takes up the post’s spell action but bestows a second basic action for the post its used in. (the second basic action will not carry Empowered strike’s effect but can be an attack)

Description: A unique hero in every sense of the word, they defy convention to the point where their techniques are more of an art than a skill set. Artists, musicians and any hero using an independent style fall under this category if they have the required imagination and talent.
Stats: +1 tier to any one stat of your choosing
Ability: Is aloud to swap the requirements on any technique for one of the user's own custom-swap technique once per rank per tree (with admin approval). Is also aloud three custom swaps per rank per tree instead of two

Description: A hero who partners with an animal ally, both master and pet are trained in heroic techniques and fight alongside one another, typically this is a partnership that begins in infancy and remains lifelong. Beast-master heroes are considered wild and often quite like their animals by comparison  
Stats: +1 tier to any stat for each of the beast-master's pets (beast-masters receive no bonuses)
Ability: Animal empathy, gains the effect of the “mutual understanding” technique (from the global beast-master’s technique list) as a sustained passive effect with out taking up any action, for all pets.
Pack leader, Beast-masters are allowed multiple pets  (+1 per rank after D rank)
(pets already have their own actions giving the beast-master an innate actions-per-post advantage as opposed to normal characters, this offsets the lack of a stat bonus)

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Archetypes Empty Re: Archetypes

Post  Rasher on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:26 am

Second archetypes (for now, more will be included later, if you have one you'd like to use pm the combination and ability suggestion to me, you only get the first ability of your primary archetype and get the second ability of this instead when you take the second archetype at first in rp character promotion)

Mystic (Mage + Illusionist)
Description: a magic user who had dedicated themselves to mastering mana control, studding both magic spells and illusionary magic they always have a fallback, highly intelligent and well versed in a vast library of techniques in their spellbook to accomplish their goals
Ability: The mystic can cast a spell while keeping an opponent held in a illusion once a thread, but the spell must be a rank lower than the illusion

magical martial arts user (martial arts specialist + mage)
Description: a warrior who blends spells and fists together with spells such as armor techniques, this warrior is just plain deadly in close combat, with physical power assisted by magical might they manage to become highly flexible and well rounded warrior who specialize in close combat on a higher level
Ability: The magic martial arts user can splice a spell and martial arts technique's effects in to one action attack three times a thread at normal mana cost

Juggernaut (martal arts specialist + Human tank)
Description: A human tank who has studied enough to back up their raw power with skill, or a martial arts user that has toughened up beyond the level of a simple heavy hitter. A force to be reckoned with this archetype fights there way through any and all situations with enough brute power and studied technique to break through most any opponent
Ability: The juggernaut can charge strait through an offensive or defensive technique or spell with out taking damage once per thread

Human blur (martial arts specialist + Quicksilver)
Description: fighters who defeat opponents in a flash out spacing opponents in speed and martial technique, light on their feet and heavy fisted in combat this fighter is capable of knocking out an opponent so quickly that things like strategy and preparation often go out the window.
Ability: The user is able to double the speed of a martial arts technique once per thread

Shadow (illusionist + Quicksilver)
Description:  A magic user who has mastered stealth, with illusion's ability to obscure the lightning fast movements of a body, though sound masking and scent covering techniques lend themselves well to the shadow escaping is seldom a problem, making them ideal spies
Ability: Once per thread the shadow may appear to “disappear” suddenly, this is a combination of an illusionary trick with a quicksilver’s speed, as even opponents who can see through illusions will still lose track of them due to their blistering quickness, this allows them to regroup for a surprise attack or simply escape a battle (not for use to avoid an attack! This would break the rules as an auto-dodge)

Combat Illusionist (Illusionist + martial arts specialist)
Description: A fighter who uses illusions for more than simple tricks and scare tactics, this hero breaks up the flow of combat with fast paced illusion casting to throw opponents off and create openings to deliver powerful attacks, this breaks the stereotype that a magic user is frail or helpless with out their illusions and allows for the effective use of illusionary tricks.
Ability: Once in three posts the combat illusionist can use a successful physical strike as a trigger for an illusion of their choice instead of the normal trigger (must be declared when the strike is used and dose not get triggered if the attack misses)

Death defying magician (illusionist + daredevil)
Description: A illusion user who is a true performer, incorporating themselves in their illusions and staying a step ahead of their opponents, it becomes difficult to tell weather an attack was landed because the user avoided it or if it was just another one of their many tricks.
Ability: Once in three posts when the magician is hit by an attack or spell they can use it as a trigger for an illusion of their choice instead of the normal trigger (cannot be used to avoid the damage from said attacks, and must take the hit)

Elemental master (Elementalist + mage)
Description: An elementalist who has studied elemental magics to further their mastery over elemental nature or a magic user who has developed a strong link to their elemental nature. The elemental master has such great control over their mana that they can shape their element as effortlessly as their natural intonement with its energy has always aloud for.
Ability: The elemental master can manipulate their specialty element with out arcane gestures to perform one custom action not covered by a spell once per thread

Mirage illusionist (Elementalist + illusionist)
Description: A illusion user who has developed a liking for a specific element or an elementalist who has studied illusion, the mirage illusionist does not separate spells from illusions but rather uses their element as a bridge to connect the two, practicing a rare form of elemental illusions, making opponents unsure what is being done with actual elements and what is just an illusion
Ability: Illusions of the user's element can share a list with other illusiions or elemental spells for the users specialty element (meaning that fire based spells and illusions need not be in separate technique lists, ect)

Force of nature (Elementalist + Human battery)
Description: An elemental mana user that banks on having a whole lot of elemental mana to use, this type of mage can easily produce large quantities of their nature’s element with massive mana reserves and uses that to their advantage often, elementalists like this tend to change the very nature of the battlefield
Ability: once per thread the force of nature can produce a large amount of mana that is instantly converted to their primary element, this fills a large area extremely rapidly in a ten foot radius (water will flood the area, lightning surges in to any conductors, fire explodes and sets flammable materials on fire, wind pushes things away or creates large air bubbles, earth creates a mound of rock ect)

Evoker (Summoner + mage)
Description: Summoners who have advanced to a level where they not only rely on their summons in battle, but begin to study and train with them as a true partnership, they begin to consider the greatest of their magical beasts as teachers and the lesser as equals
Ability: Twice per thread the evoker can chose to either perform any one technique or spell their most recently summoned summon knows at cost or combine one of their own techniques with one of the summon's for a combination technique

Heroic summoner (Dare devil + summoner)
Description: The heroic summoner relies on vigilant summons that, much like they do, have a talent for escaping death. The heroic summoner knows just when to bring out their summoned allies at just the right moment for a dramatic, life saving entrances.
Ability: Once per thread the heroic summoner may call a summon to block an attack with out damage to the summon itself (basically an autoblock) with out defying the laws of damage, this can be to protect the user or another character

Reinforcement strategist (Summoner + tactician)
Description: Summoners who treat their summons more like troops than partners, their summoned allies rely on their superior strategy to pull out decisive victories, relying on co-ordinated attacks and pre-made plans the reinforcement strategist acts as a leader that their summons follow
Ability: Twice per thread the reinforcement strategist may summon two summons in one post with out defying the laws of action at normal mana cost

Clan elite (Bloodline specialist + (what ever specialty the clans techniques fall under, spells, martial arts ect)
Description: The clan elite hero are the promise of their generations, examples in their house's techniques and traditions, the prodigies that are at the forefront of their house's attention and often the envy of others. Clan elite are not always in good standing in their house but are always understood as talented and diligent.
Ability: once per thread the clan elite gains the advantages and bonuses of the next stage of their clans main technique tree (containing the bloodline limit) for one post, meaning a B rank character could use the benefits of an A rank characters bloodline ability

Bloodline black sheep (Bloodline specialist + Virtuoso)
Description: contrary to the clan elite the black sheep reject the family style but use the bloodline ability in a unique way that defies tradition. The black sheep are radicals with unique ideas that are never respected by their house's heads for their methods but their genius often speaks for itself.
Ability: The Black sheep is entitled to a custom tree that shares their house's techniques same basis in the bloodline limit (approved as a custom tree)

Kinsman (Bloodline specialist + Cavalier)
Description: Not every house member can be a chosen one or the greatest of their time, but every house member is responsible for protecting their family and house's secrets. The kinsman is just that, a vanguard of his house who defends the family from within from all external threats, some houses make it a point to assign younger or more valued members bodyguards from within the house, and this is just the type of hero they chose.
Ability: Once per thread the Kinsman may break or block an offensive or defensive technique with an offensive or defensive clan technique one rank lower than it (b rank attacks defended by c rank clan defenses, ect)

Vagabond swordsman (Blade dancer + martial arts specialist)
Description: a highly unconventional swordsman who others might consider to fight with dishonorable methods. The vagabond often breaks up the flow of weapons combat by throwing in physical attacks or complex movements, unpredictable and fully capable of defeating opponents with out their sword its difficult to tell weather the vagabond has a plan or is just making it up as they go along.
Ability: The character is able to advance one tier in one of his three Physical stats for three posts per thread. (effectively the same as the powerhouse and quicksilver ability) The vagabond's sword techniques are increased one rank during these posts for the appropriate stat

Artist of warfare (Blade dancer + Tactician)
Description: Most physical fighters have little time for strategy and operate on instinct and their training, not the artist of warfare. This soldier is so skilled at thinking on their feet that they can apply complex plans to lightning paced sword fighting. Though it may seem like this swordsman is just using skillful, well trained strokes they are calm and collected inside, every action leading the enemy in to a trap, the artist of warfare knows their environment and their opponents and never lets things slip their mind.
Ability: The artist of warfare can “read” one characters’ martial arts or weapons technique style once per thread, granting them a fundamental understanding of the techniques and style for the purposes of countering, this can only happen if the artist of warfare has noticed three major observations about the opponents movements and attacks (this cannot be used to copy styles or auto-block / auto-dodge but dose negate one tier of tactical advantage)

Blade slinger (Blade dancer + Projectile specialist)
Description: A weapons expert through and through, able to easily wield any manor of blade in hand or by throwing. Typically armed to the teeth with all manor of sharpened weapons and deadly at any range they combine lethal accuracy with swift and powerful weapon strokes. Well rounded masters of bladed weapons with a wide verity of weapon techniques.
Ability: Can perform melee weapon attacks with throwing weapons and projectile weapon attacks with melee weapons at any time, dose not distinguish between thrown and melee weapons for the purposes of any style and takes no penalty for using them otherwise

Trick shot (Archer + mage)
Description: A ranged master, capable of firing weapons and offensive spells at a distance to constantly keep foes at bay, ranged attacks oftener scatter foes to make them vulnerable for spells and vice versa. The trick shot can even combine their deadly accuracy and magical skill for truly devastating attacks.
Ability: The user can apply perfect accuracy to a ranged spell attack once per thread (this dose not account for defensive action on the targets part, same rules as the archer's ability)

Eagle eye (Projectile specialist + Archer)
Description: master of all things ranged, the eagle eye makes it a point to never miss a target, and they mean never. Using both fired thrown and launched missile weapons with the same unfailing accuracy the eagle eye is the envy of all who fight at a distance with their ability to account for motion, wind, distance and gravity with every shot throw and wave of projectiles effortlessly.
Ability: once per thread the eagle eye can give a projectile weapon attack perfect accuracy (this dose not account for defensive techniques or the targets own action) regardless of how improbable the shot, even an arrow through the hole of multiple throwing stars (this does not count as an archer's ability use, meaning the character would in effect get to do it a second, improved time if archer were there primary archetype)

Duelist (Spearman + blade dancer)
Description: A true student of all sorts of weapons the duelist is a master of deadly melee technique, able to slice and skewer opponents with their wrought steel. The duelist specializes in defeating other melee weapon users in combat, they often shines most in that pivotal final moment where the two fighters charge at one another for a last attack.
Ability: Once per thread the duelist can imbue their weapon with a “Cut all” property, or “Pierce all” as the case may be, all innate matter such as trees and stones as well as ordinary objects can be sliced easily, the duelist can for example cleave through a dagger or a layer of rock armor for one action (this automatically breaks 1 defensive technique or equipment only)

Sure shooter (Projectile specialist or Archer + Spearman)
Description: A projectile specialist who finds that a wall separating him from them from their target is no reason to miss. Using powerful piercing weapons they puncture any target at range or up close with powerful throwing, they are even able to throw their piercing melee weapons like javelins with astounding range and power if necessary.
Ability: The sure shooter can pierce through a defensive technique or obstacle with a ranged weapon attack (provided that the technique being broken is two ranks lower than the sure shooters own highest ranked technique) with out having the projectile veer or lose speed in its trajectory (though this is not a called hit it works with any ranged weapon, even a throwing knife)

Whirling force (crushing specialist + martial arts specialist)
Description: almost more like a monk than a warrior, the whirling force archetype is characterized by mastery over blunt force in combat. Skilled in martial arts and assisted by martial weapons the whirling force delivers attacks from every side and angle with fist foot and weapon alike. Unlike combating a blade dancer the whirling force cannot be followed simply by watching their weapon.
Ability: The whirling force may perform two offensive actions in the same post (not spells) with their limbs and blunt weapons every five posts with out it counting against the laws of action

Arms master (crushing specialist + blade dancer)
Description: the arms master is a deadly force close range, weather their opponents are beaten to a pulp or slashed to pieces if they are in the master’s range, they’re struck most of the time. The arms master carries a few preferred weapons but is skilled with all of them despite how vastly different they might be, often combining styles with ease.
Ability: The arms master can perform slashing techniques with blunt weapons for a striking effect and blunt techniques with sharpened weapons with a slashing effect regardless of the ordinal style the technique belongs to at any time

Hidden weapon master (crushing specialist + projectile specialist)
Description: Many concussive weapons like the three section staff or the extending staff have added mechanisms and secrets to throw opponents off, the hidden weapons master is especially fond of these. The hidden weapons master may look like a simple crushing specialist but is really armed to the teeth with more hidden weapons than the opponent realizes, the actual blunt instrument is likely just used for defense and to divert the foes attention.
Ability: the hidden weapons master may incorporate the throwing of a simple projectile (such as a throwing weapons) in to a melee weapon attack three times in a thread with out defying the rules of action

Strategic trapper (Scribe + Tactician)
Description: The strategic trapper is a mage who realized that the ability to plant and spring spells, objects and effects in any location they want using sealing spells, this affords infinite opportunities for highly cerebral combat, using tactics that mentally run circles around most they can bully most in an intellectual showdown. To this mage a battle is a series of games, and they are always a step ahead of opponents with their carefully planted trump cards.
Ability: The strategic trapper is aloud to have already established traps involving tags and seals in three locations throughout the thread even before the thread begins (these must be explained in their first post in the thread).

Grenadier (Scribe + Projectile specialist or Archer)
Description: Even a hero who doesn’t know the first thing about seals can tell you the usefulness of tying an explosive tag to a thrown weapon before throwing it. This hero doesn’t wait for opponents to trigger their seals but rather brings the seals strait to them, usually attached to some nasty projectile. The ability to throw seals at targets makes this hero able to put out much larger volumes of destructive and supplementary effects per attack than most people and their wide range of projectile techniques allow them to insure their seals don’t miss their mark.
Ability: The grenadier is aloud to fire out the contents of a seal as a projectile at any time, even if the seal contains a spell or elemental material, but cannot do this if they have already taken their non-spell offensive action for the post

Walking armory (Scribe + Blade dancer or Spearman or crushing specialist)
Description: there’s a very obvious reason most people don’t use large weapons and armor, it is extremely difficult to carry such bulky objects around with out being weighted down or found out, the human armory uses their knowledge of seals to avoid this issue entirely.  Fighting a human armory is a battle full or surprises, on the fly the user might summon a cleaver sword, a massive iron wall of a shield, or some other unique weapon on the fly as quickly as the pervious equipment disappears, with a deadly knowledge of weapons techniques they couple devious seals with expertly wielded weapons to become deadly, unpredictable foes.
Ability: Three times per thread the walking armory may unsummon one weapon and summon another (both with hands free) with out taking up their spell or action for the post

Puppet master (Puppeteer + mage)
Description: A puppeteer who has mastered their art, studding extensive spells to enhance their puppet play. The puppet master can manipulate a puppet in ways only dreamt of by lesser puppet users and have an uncanny speed and dexterity in their fingers for hand seals as well. The puppet master can also supplement their puppet play with offensive spells to add to the puppets effectiveness.
Ability: The puppet master may control an additional puppet past their ranks maximum amount per rank (this stacks with the puppeteer archetype)

Stage master (Puppeteer + illusionist)
Description: The stage master is a performer, someone who uses illusions to add to their puppets lethal dances. Obscuring their location with illusions while making their puppets unpredictable and dangerous the stage master manipulates his opponent by tricking their eyes and ears as easily as their puppet on strings.
Ability: Puppeteering spells and illusion can share a technique tree, illusions do not cause a lapse in maintaining the puppetry technique even at higher levels

Shadow puppeteer (Puppeteer + Quicksilver)
Description: Puppeteers fight best when they are hidden from their opponents, when found out escape is usually their only option. The shadow puppeteer is a master of this, able to evade opponents with a far superior speed, and switch hiding places so rapidly that it is as if they are nowhere to be found at all. The shadow puppeteer is maneuverable and skilled at moving himself with the same speed and finesse as his puppets, something other puppeteers surely envy.
Ability: Can double speed to run from opponents or switch hiding places once per thread (cannot be used to auto-doge)

Anesthetic Healer (Medic + Illusionist)
Description: A medic who has studied mental as well as physical health and learned the art of illusion. Able to undo the damage of illusion's mental effects by dispelling them and repairing a damaged psyche as well as using compassionate illusions to ease the suffering of others. If cornered the medic can now use illusions to make an escape.
Ability: The anesthetic healer can restore damaged or “broken” character's mental states by using a soothing illusion, triggered with a touch that alleviates all mental and physical pain suffered up till that point (though this does nothing to mitigate actual damage), useable every three posts but not on the self with sell use

Field surgeon (Medic + Mage)
Description: A student of medicine that has fully integrated magic in to their technique, this is a fully fledged healer who also happens to be able to save lives, apt at arriving to treat the injured in any situation the field surgeon is flexible and effective in the line of duty, often able to aid in an escape for a comrade or turn the tides in struggles.
Ability: The field surgeon can perform diagnosis technique with complete success and any other medical technique in the same with out breaking the rules of technique use once a thread (diagnosing and treating a wound in one action in one post with out taking up their other actions for the post)

Lifesaver (Medic + Defender)
Description: A medic who does more than simply treat injuries, they actively save comrades from injury with defensive technique. The lifesaver is a medic that extends the idea of preventative medicine to combat and is ideal for any team, trustworthy and dependable, a universal asset rather than potential liability.
Ability: The lifesaver can maintain/cast barriers or defensive technique or spell while performing medical technique in the same post with out breaking the rules of spells use once a thread

Death doctor (Combat medic + martial arts specialist)
Description: Not really a healer at all the death doctor is someone who only studied medicine to learn how best to destroy and dismantle the human body in combat. Cruel and devastating the death doctors are to be feared by even the strongest opponents due to their ability to damage a human body far easier than any other type of fighter in the world.
Ability: The death doctor may combine the effect of the “Paresthesia” spell to any physical martial arts attack twice per thread, resulting in the victims injured body part “falling asleep” for two posts, this does not break the rules of spell casting but is not an auto hit

Battle medic (Medic + Combat medic)
Description: Medical heroes who's knowledge of healing the human body is equaled only by their knowledge of damaging the human body. Able to save and take life with ease they are capable of great kindness and great cruelty depending on weather friend or foe is on the operating table and are not the type of person you want to betray or anger on a team.
Ability: can perform two medical techniques or spells or two offensive medical techniques or spells in the same action once per thread (two medical, two offensive or one of each) with out breaking the rules of action  

Survivalist (Combat medic + Daredevil)
Description: A rare sort of healer in that their focus isn’t really on others, rather this medic has studied medicine for the sole purpose of keeping themselves alive as long as possible. They use offensive medical techniques against enemies but only to disable them and defend themselves, unlike medics they have an air of selfishness about them and a talent for weaseling out of death
Ability: Once per thread the survivalist can employ a feeble “cellular regeneration spell” effect to avoid death, this is to say that they use medical techniques to mitigate the damage of an attack enough to survive, not necessarily enough to remain conscious and certainly not enough to keep fighting, simply healing one fatal blow in to a non fatal level of damage at the expense of most of their mana. The survivalist can only use this ability to exit a fight, they are vulnerable afterword’s and suspended in the thread until the end or rescued and taken from the thread.

Behemoth (Beastmaster + Human tank)
Description: Large warriors who partner with larger beasts, unlike most heroes who use animals the behemoth might have a bear or even something larger as a pet and share the same stature and ferocity, the behemoth doesn’t bother using fangs and claws to scratch up targets but rather outright stampedes over them.
Ability: The behemoth can have their pet break through a defensive technique with a beastmaster or martial arts technique one rank lower than it once per thread (such as a C ranked passing fang breaking a B ranked summoned wall)

Rider (Beast-master + quicksilver)
Description: Beast-masters who commonly ride their pets, these lean toward larger pets but prefer speed to brawn, often riding wolves or larger cats, occasionally things like deer and horses the battlefields of the world. This beast-master is still fully capable of keeping pace with their pet but have trained their pet especially for speed.
Ability: The rider may double their pets speed once per thread for one post (does not count as the quicksilver's ability so the user could double both their speeds if quicksilver was their primary specialty)

Druid (mage + beast-master)
Description: The druid does not just fight along side their beast, they actively assist them with all manor of spells, their talent for both arts is so great that their pets emulate their techniques from time to time, magical experts at a distance and protected by their pets close range the druid is a well rounded, complex type of caster
Ability: Twice a thread the beast may perform one spell the beast-master knows (chakra is negligible in beast-master pets)

Guardian (Defender + Cavalier)
Description: A skilled solder of the knights military who has proven themselves capable of protecting priority targets from enemies, both with defensive techniques and by defeating said enemies. Perceptive and experienced the guardian is a highly sought after archetype by the sort of person who hires heroes and thus never falls short for missions.
Ability: the guardian may neutralize an offensive magic, martial arts or weapons skill simply by striking it with a hand this can only be used on technique two stages lower than that guardians own highest ranked technique but is a free auto block in essence, usable once per thread

Selfless hero (Defender + Daredevil)
Description: A defender with superior maneuverability, that special type of guard who always shows up not a moment to soon to save his allies with a dramatic last minute entrance, but also that special type of gaurd loyal enough to take an attack for a friend but is still skilled enough to do it and live.
Ability: The hero can defy the laws of damage to save an ally once per thread (effectively auto-block an oncoming attack with out taking the logical damage) once per thread with or with out use of a defensive technique where logic permits (does not count as the daredevils ability being used so if the hero's primary archetype is daredevil they gain both abilities)

Barrier Master (Defender + Mage)
Description: A defensive battle mage who has researched many many ways to block offensive techniques, using knowledge of spells to perfect a defensive art they have become experts in their field. Walls, shields, domes, and barrier seals are this mages expertise, not only do they block and counter attacks in combat but they are fully capable of setting up a variable fortress of defensive spells in record time.
Ability: The barrier master can have a broken defensive defensive technique still neutralize an attack once per thread, (even a c rank rock wall against an s rank jutsu)

Front-liner (Human tank + Cavalier)
Description: heroes who are really more like solders, front-liner don’t have time to bother with tricks and mental strategy, regarding both as useless, all they require to win campaigns is power and plenty of it. Smashing through enemy defenses in one glorious charge the front-liner fears no death, only failure.
Ability: the front-liner may neutralize a defensive spells martial arts or weapon skills simply by striking it with a hand, this can only be used on techniques two stages lower than than front-liner’s own highest ranked technique, usable once per thread

Bastion (Human tank + Myrmidon)
Description: The bastion is a solder like none other, valuable power players on any battlefield they are resourceful and versatile using all their skills to turn the tides of battles quickly and effectively, almost always sent as reinforcements where they are most needed.  
Ability: The bastion can double their defense stat or willpower stat once per thread (one or the other, only once a thread)

Berserker (Human tank + Maverick)
Description: Warriors in the most traditional sense, they're extremely brash and prone to acting on emotion. However unlike most fighters they use this to their advantage in battle allowing them to escape bindings in bursts of powerful rage.
Ability: Once per thread for two posts the berserker can throw themselves in to a rage where they lose all spell and illusionary ability but seal pain and mental anguish off for the duration. In this time they can break one illusion or prison technique of lower rank then the highest technique the character can perform simply by charging through it or raging.

Veteran (Human battery + Myrmidon)
Description: solders in it for the long haul, trained to fight extended battles against powerful opponents wearing them down over time with physical damage and spells. This warrior keeps fighting even as comrades are defeated, replaced with reinforcements and defeated again. Experienced veterans who have massive reserves of mans and the knowledge of how to use them.
Ability: once per thread the veteran may spend twice as much mana as they have left on one spell, (such as a caster with no A rank uses left performing a A rank spell for only a single use of a B rank spell use) but is with out magical ability the following post

Marathon surgeon (Human battery + Medic)
Description: Medical healers gifted with enough mana to go above and beyond the call of duty. The marathon surgeon specializes in treating large groups of patience with the same gusto and speed as a warrior might take on groups of enemies and with as much efficacy when skilled enough.
Ability: The marathon surgeon can treat two victims with the same medical technique with out depleting double the mana spell uses spent

Stuntman (Daredevil + Quicksilver)
Description: The stuntman is a speedy type who has superior gymnastic ability combined with an uncanny nerves of steel, like the daredevil they constantly perform death-defying feats but the stuntman has taken the fine art of blurring the line between luck and skill to the next level with uncanny speed, able to tumble, run, roll, leap, and weave their way to victory through anything from falling boulders to explosions to falls of tremendous height.
Ability: Once per thread the stuntman may escape an improbable situation landing safely (this is less of an auto-dodge and more to negate things like fall damage or wide spread areas of effect with the same logic as that of a daredevil)

Escape artist (Daredevil + Maverick)
Description: Heroes who just don’t obey orders, always rushing off in to things with out thinking and acting on split second decisions, what makes the escape artist unique is that unlike most heroes like them they are still somehow alive. Despite capture and deadly situations, even all odds they return to be a thorn in their commanders side for another mission.
Ability: The escape artist may defy the laws of damage or illusion triggers when it comes to being captured or taped in a prison or illusion only once per thread, it just fails to capture them despite being totally able to (explain it away dont just declare an auto-escape)

General (Cavalier + Myrmidon)
Description: Masters on the battlefield, true examples of physical and magical based prowess they serve as a shining example for others and are strongest with a team of heroes. Born leaders the general brings out the best in their subordinates be it from respect admiration fear or command.
Ability: once per thread the general may boost one phiscal stat for up to three other characters one rank for one post (must all be the same stat, speed defense or strength and lasts for the end of the last targets first post after the ability triggers) this is accomplished by setting an impressive example of giving a rousing speech

Innovator (Virtuoso + Tactician)
Description: Many heroes can defy convention but only the innovator can break the mold, these are the heroes who are so unique they don’t fit in to any category at all, truly the first of their kind. Instead of just using a strange combination or odd variety of techniques they create all their own styles and the word ‘conform’ just isn’t in their dictionary. The innovator takes their ideas and perfects them to become a genius in a field which may not have even existed before.
Ability: The innovator can create their own, unique sub-specialty (with admin approval) which is unique and exclusive to the character, effectively enabling the user to blend two specialties in to one for a single custom technique tree or create a brand new one from scratch

Radical (Virtuoso + maverick)
Description: Heroes who don’t just exist outside conventions but outright rebel against them. Using techniques for things that they were never intended for, a radical might have a melee range thrown weapon technique or a defensive projectile style, they bend the rules of what techniques are suppose to be, the only explanation for how they are able to do this is that it gets results.
Ability: The radical is aloud to bend the conventions of a technique trees style for the swaps for one tree. (meaning that they are able to defy the spirit of the technique tree but not the specialty, subject to approval) for example using stone magic to create sparks to light a fire, or using lighting magic to fuse sand in to glass weapons ect

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