Unique abilities (universal swaps)

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Unique abilities (universal swaps) Empty Unique abilities (universal swaps)

Post  Rasher on Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:24 am

Limit two per character, usable as a swap in any tree and in combination with any technique, but costs the character 1 specialty to use per ability

Name: Chakra transfer technique
Description: A special technique which allows the user to transfer his own chakra to any other people, replenishing its reserves, this requires both the sender and receiver to be standing still close to each other and hold the same hand seal, the flow of chakra is controlled by the user allowing them to decide exactly how much chakra is transferred, this technique is often used by ninja with stronger reserves and is most effective when more than one persons chakra is being transferred in to the target. This technique can also be used to transfer chakra between two friends at once with out use of the users chakra if needed, for the purpose of this jutsu elemental chakra natures are ignored.
Type: Special skill
Rank: C

Name: Universal Chakra sensing technique
Description: A jutsu used by sensor ninja that allows them to become more sensitive to chakra and ‘feel’ it like a sixth sense, this allows them to detect other’s from a distance with out the use of their other five senses, the range varying by the characters rank and between characters. Though other clans have means of detecting chakra through smell or sight this technique can be used by ninja with out any bloodline limit if they are more sensitive to chakra than others. Though armatures can only detect the presence of chakra masters of this technique can sense jutsu and the nature of the chakra as well as well as read the reserves of an opponent based on how strong a feeling is coming from them.
Type: Special skill
Rank: C

Name: Lesser chakra absorption
Description: A jutsu that allows the opponent to absorb chakra in to their body, this is accomplished by molding their chakra in to an inward spiral and “pulling” chakra through the opponents body in to their own, this does however require constant physical contact to use, if the connection to the chakra source is broken the chakra cannot be taken, the drain of chakra is very slow and so typically this technique isn’t used until the opponent is restrained, unlike the darkness release the user cannot take chakra from already existing jutsu or use the absorbed chakra in jutsu of an element other than they’re own, nor can they distinguish the nature of the absorbed chakra. The technique is also limited as it cannot be used to kill others, it can merely reduce them to a state of unconsciousness if the user holds on to the victim long enough (twenty posts strait). Though other techniques use a medium or bloodline limit to absorb chakra this can be performed by any ninja born with the necessary control, its best used to replenish one’s reserves
Type: Special skill
Rank: C

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