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Post  Rasher on Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:00 pm

Name: Seed pouch
Description: A specialized pouch containing every seed needed to use grass village jutsu, marked and very well organized.
Use: Used to supply the necessary seed at the right time for grass village shape transformation allowing one to grow plants in any condition
History: the staple for most every grass ninja

Name: Soil container scrolls
Description: Appear as ordinary scrolls marked with the kanji for potting soil
Use: These scrolls contain a large amount of soil inside of a clay container, they are used to substitute ordinary dirt when the grass nin is fighting in conditions where plants do not normally grow, though dirt is not required for all grass techniques the stronger ones may warrant it
History: a common item storage scroll used to move soil around

Name: Weaponized gardening tools
Description: a verity of clippers, hoes, rakes, trowels, and harvesting tools modified to be used as effective weapons
Use: ((you must include the use of the weaponized tool you want to use))
History: a common method of deception, ninjas posing as farmers or gardeners would carry these

Name: Chili pepper smoke bombs
Description: red smoke bombs with the kanji for spicy on them
Use: when thrown the chili in the cloud stings the eyes and causes victims to choke and gasp, though it is also used to break genjutsu
History: a particularly nasty smoke bomb made by farmers in the grass village

Name: Chakra replenishing herbs
Description: Special pouches of unique grasses and leaves
Use: Eating these herbs will actually replenish ones lost chakra in battle, though this has limits it is typically used only when opponents have worn each other down to get an edge on the opponent, at most eating these will only refill half the chakra lost, making using it multiple times in one day increasingly pointless.
History: Discovered by grass village botanists

Name: Giant chain scythe
Description: appears as a normal, two handed scythe
Use: the handle contains a chain that allows the blade to be fired out and slash at a greater distance at high speeds to cut down opponents.
History: created by grass nin to keep opponents occupied at a distance while they prepared seeds

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