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Name: Pressure pills
Description: small blue capsules stored in marked bottles
Use: the pressure pill prevents problems such as the bens and other pressure related injuries, however they have a secondary effect, they also bolster the users body, making it more resilient in a manor similar to that of solder pills, the fundamental difference being that the body mainly gains a defense bonus to crushing force, for example taking one of these pills would enable the user to move they’re body when trapped in the water prison jutsu, whereas the crushing force of the water would normally prevent movement, they would be able to walk through waterfalls and move through deep depths easily.
History: Usually used so that outsiders can enter the village with out the waterfall’s superior swimming techniques

Name: Mineral water (also known as "Hard Water")
Description: a murkier looking water, not mutch apears spechal about it
Use: this water contains much more heavy minerals then standard water, stirred up from the sediment of the waterfall, the advantage is that the water contains countless tiny solid partials, though small they give the water a much greater “weight” than standard water and add to the offensive capability of lower ranking water jutsu
History: a water collected from the tumultuous currents beneath the waterfall of the villages namesake, rich in the minerals swept away from surrounding streams and currents

Name: Watertight armored fabric
Description: a dense, thick cloth that somewhat resembles the fabric structure of the leg warmers or sleeves some ninja wear, this is typically placed over an arm, leg, hand or head and contains several pockets inside with straps to keep them fancied
Use: the sleeves or leggings provide two purposes, one they house any material that isn’t waterproof or stainless inside their compartments to prevent them from spoiling underwater when the ninja dives, two the fabric itself is puncture proof, meaning that ordinary kunai senbon and shuriken cannot pierce it, making it a defensive article of clothing
(note; you must specify weather this is a sleeve, legging, belt, vest ect)
History: As a joke, ninja often say this fabric was created to enable people to wash their clothing in the basin of the waterfall, though that might actually be true

Name: Breathing leaves
Description: small green leaves placed inside the compartment of a breathing apparatus
Use: These leaves are unique in that they continue to take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen three weeks after pulled from the tree, when placed in a breathing apparatus this ensures two things, that the user can breath underwater with out the aid of an oxygen tank and two, the user’s exhaling underwater will not produce any bubbles, which would alert targets above water to the ninjas presence.
History: it’s a well known fact that the waterfall village has a giant tree which it its built around, a tree that produces the legendary “hero water” every one hundred years, these are that mystical three’s leaves.

Name: Hollow kunai
Description: appear no different from ordinary kunai save for a small hinge on the sides of the blades and that, as opposed to a ring these kunai have small, hydrodynamic ‘ruder’ like metal pieces.
Use: airtight, hollow kunai, these are much lighter, much easier to throw, much faster in the air (when an opponent throws a normal kunai, if the waterfall ninja throws a hollow one in response, the hollow will hit its mark first) and above all empty inside, which enables the ninja to open it and store messages, hidden explosive tags, or even materals such as water inside, a simple jutsu is to throw the kunai and have the hinge open mid air. Another helpful application of hollow kunai is that they can be thrown underwater and reach the surface with out slowing down at all, allowing them to fire out from under the water at the speed a standard kunai would fly from depths an ordinary kunai could not be thrown. Though they are lighter and thus have less piercing power and do not do as well as a melee weapon.
History: a versatile but somewhat convoluted weapon often used to attack invaders safely behind the waterfall’s curtain, which normally sweeps away kunai and shuriken.

Name: Rigged trident
Description: Appears as a staff with a metal pitchfork like head, almost like a three headed spear with hidden mechanisms inside
Use: the rigged trident is a sturdy, dependable weapon capable of blocking blades between its teeth and quickly disarming opponents, but it has two traps inside, it contains three needle shooters in the blades that can fire out senbon one at a time, typically when the user has locked weapons with the opponent, second the weapons ‘head’ can actually detach on a chain to pierce opponents from a distance and be pulled back, lastly the very tip of the other end of the trident has a kunai sized blade which can be deployed form it
History: believe it or not such a complex weapon has its origins in fishing, that its, when ninjas started to try their hand at it.

Name: Concealed net cannon
Description: a handy concealed weapon the length of ones forearm, a black metal tube with a latch in its back for ammunition, wire nets with kunai on the ends of them
Use: the net cannon is typically worn in ones sleeve and fire as a surprise attack to ensnare opponents, the bladed ends hitting the ground or terrain to hold the target in place (nets sold with the cannon)
History: Though a net is a simple tactic ninja have added their own finesse to it

Name: Sakana-tan (roughly translates to “little ms fishy”)
Description: Often confused for a puppet this device is about the size of a backpack and appears not unlike a fish (which may or may not actually be painted to look as such) and has a variety of special attachments with straps for ones arms and handles above the “fins”
Use: this device can be griped underwater and used with chakra to propel the user forward from the “tail”, the front possesses the ability to emit light from the “eyes” enabling the user to see in underwater tunnels, the “fins” on the sides are rudders which enable the user to move up and down while propelling forward, under the fins are two shooters for hydrodynamic hollow kunai, under its “belly” is a concealed net cannon, and its “mouth” has a special device that can suck in water or air and pressurize it intensely inside its “body” for use as a makeshift oxygen tank (with a breathing tube which comes out of the “back”) when full of air or a powerful water cannon from the “mouth” when filled with water (this doubles as a container for mineral water or any water jutsu material) all operated with chakra and worn on the back when not in use, effective for missions on and off land.
History: Considered the waterfall genin’s best friend, a handy little device with many uses

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