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Technique tree and jutsu guidelines Empty Technique tree and jutsu guidelines

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About the jutsu system

"What are jutsu lists?"
Jutsu lists are specific to a character; all they really are is just a list of every jutsu that character can perform. A good jutsu list is organized in groups based off what technique tree they are from and ordered by jutsu rank, as well as separated in to the different jutsu types
"What are technique trees?"
Technique trees are groupings of jutsu that characters can take from to fill their own jutsu lists, they include all potential jutsus of that type that can be learned from that tree, and also include techniques that more advanced jutsu require to learn. To take jutsu from a technique tree characters are required to take the “marker” form that tree as one of their jutsu, as all techniques in the tree require the marker to learn. Characters are aloud two custom swaps per rank per tree.
For examples of technique trees try the Universal Technique Tree Directory
"What are custom swaps?"
The benefit of the technique tree system is that users are not necessarily forced to make up every single jutsu for their characters but for those who want to make custom techniques but do not want to go through the trouble of creating entire custom technique trees to do it there are custom swaps. Say your character has the universal fire ninjutsu tree in their jutsu list and you have a custom fire ninjutsu technique you want to add, you can include it in the three as a custom swap replacing another fire technique you don’t want to use.
-Custom swaps must replace a technique of the same rank (you cannot replace an e rank academy student trick and gain an additional s rank jutsu)
-Custom swaps of a lower rank can be requirements for other custom swaps of a higher rank within the same tree. By swapping out one technique and then the later technique that the first required for a second required by the new lower rank swap.
-Only two swaps maximum per rank per jutsu tree
-Swaps can be added after creation but must not be more than two per rank per tree
-Swaps can simply be entirely new jutsu added to the characters list with out removing any jutsu but this counts as two swaps
"How many jutsu trees can I take for my character?"
At creation the number of trees and swaps your aloud is dependent on rank
-Academy students start with no more than two trees and are aloud only 1 custom swap
-Genin start with no more than 3 trees and no more than 4 custom swaps
-Chunin start with no more than 4 technique trees and no more than 7 custom swaps
-Jonin start with no more than 5 technique trees and no more than 10 custom swaps

"Can I gain additional trees after creation?"
Yes, after creation you can add new technique trees within the same specialty from progression in the storyline but adding entirely new types of jutsu (such as acquiring puppetry jutsu after being a taijutsu specialist for so long) will require admin approval
"What is a specialty?"
While there are many types of ninja techniques its extremely unrealistic to have a character that uses them all, or even a very large number of them, for this reason the various schools of ninja techniques are classified here as “specialties” which include:
-Ninjutsu (shape and nature transformation, everything from fireballs to shadow clones)
-Elemental ninjutsu (each ninjutsu element you take after your first element counts as an additional specialty, for example to have lava youd take up earth and fire as additional specialties)
-Genjutsu (illusions, any sort technique to deceive or trick ninja)
-Taijutsu (martial arts, any unarmed physical fighting styles and techniques)
-Kenjutsu (weapons and tools, any equipment based fighting styles and techniques)
-Kuchiyose jutsu (summoning, any techniques summoning or using or requiring a summoned ninja beast)
-Kugutsu jutsu (puppetry techniques, any ninjutsu or taijutsu involving or requiring a puppet)
-Giju Ninpo (Beastmaster’s techniques (any ninjutsu or taijutsu involving or requiring a pet ninja beast)
-Iryo Jutsu (medical techniques, both healing and offensive medic-nin techniques)
-Fuuninjutsu (sealing techniques any sort of seals or sealing techniques)
-Kekkei genkai (bloodline limit techniques, any clan based or bloodline based jutsu)
"How many specialties can my character start with?"

Its needless to say you cannot make a character that uses all of them but  Academy students may start with only one specialty, genin may start with two specialties, chunin start with three, jonin may start with four. 

"Can I gain additional specialties?"

Specialties can be gained over time through training but gaining a new specialty will leave you with less room to grow your current ones and a ninja with many specialties will be master of none.

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