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Mainly to be used as swaps in any existing specialized kenjutsu tree, but allowed on its own as well, however a kenjutsu style is required as a marker

Style Name: Universal kenjutsu
Type: All manor of melee and midrange weapons, blunt edged and flexible
Description: Kenjutsu is the basis of armed martial combat for ninja, as the name entails this is usually done with swords but as a term Kenjutsu extends to all weapon based techniques, though these are not a combat form or weapon style these general techniques can be used with any kenjutsu school.
History: Weapon’s combat is as old as humanity itself, these are simply ninja adaptations on it’s organized teachings.

Name: Fastdraw
Description: A very common technique among ninja but one that nonetheless requires training to master, with this technique a weapon can be readied instantly and used the in the very same post, be it unsheathing a sword, drawing a shuriken, or readying a more complex weapon in a hurry with out getting it caught on clothing or the container, or otherwise failing to ready it properly. Most proficient kenjutsu users can perform this effortlessly due to countless hours, even years of constant practice and familiarity with their chosen weapons.
Type: Kenjutsu skill
Rank: (no chakra used)

Name: Mechanism control
Description: Ninja weapons are commonly fitted with hidden surprises in the form of mechanisms, this is a simple jutsu in which any and all hidden mechanisms in a weapon can be activated with out touching the mechanized parts themselves, allowing them to activate their hidden surprises during an attack with out breaking the flow of combat. Users of this technique do not need to activate their weapons surprise features manually, where others need to press buttons, pull triggers, turn handles ect, this allows the kenjutsu user to employ weapons with no visible activation method adding to their concealed nature.
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: E

Name: Weightless weapon jutsu
Description: Often times academy students find that when first handling real weapons the weight is to much for them, if one wanted to use a particularly unwieldy weapon (such as battle axe or cleaver sword) this would continue to be a problem. This is why ninja have created a simple technique to allow them to use oversized weapons effectively, by flooding the weapon with chakra they move it as an extension of the arm, giving it the effect of weightlessness as long as they are not disarmed, upon being disarmed the chakra used in this jutsu is automatically spent, and it must be re-cast, though the chakra is not spent if the weapon is simply put away by the user.
Note: this dose not manipulate flexible weapons (see chain manipulation) or activate hidden weapons (see mechanism control). This jutsu cannot be used in conjunction with the fastdraw skill with out taking up an action.
Type: Kenjusu
Rank: C

Name: Blade extension jutsu
Description: A jutsu that extends the blade's (or spearhead's) length just a tad (less than an inch) during an attack to make a cut more likely, this only lasts for the duration of a single swing (one attack action) and is limited in utility but has strong tactical value as it extends the weapon itself
Note: can be used in conjunction with the fastrdraw skill.
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: E

Name: Stone weapon technique
Description: When using a wooden tool against metal swords a kenjutsu user often finds that the possibility of a broken weapon is quite real. By coating the weapon in a layer of chakra the user can prevent to a degree the natural wear and tear of battle on their weapon, this prevents small things such as chipped metal cracked chains, splintered wood, frayed rope ect from occurring as the result of parrying attacks from other weapons, as long as the user is not disarmed, upon being disarmed the chakra used in this jutsu is automatically spent, and it must be re-cast, though the chakra is not spent if the weapon is simply put away by the user.  
Note: This jutsu can be used in conjunction with the weightless weapon jutsu, the chain manipulation jutsu, and the fastdraw skill.
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: E

Name: Chain extension
Description: a simple kenjutsu technique in which chakra is used to artificially extend the length of a chain or rope, in this case the hidden umbrella chain be lengthening the links, at first the user can only extend the chain to get that extra inch or two for a surprise attack but later on at chunin rank they can lengthen it to one and a half times its normal length and by jonin rank they are able to double the length of the chain.
Requires weapon proficiency
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: C

Name: Chain manipulation
Description: Difficult in execution, but exceedingly simple to understand this jutsu is performed when the user melds chakra in to a chain, rope, cord, wire or similar object while swinging it so that they can cause the chain to twist and turn as to direct its movement. At first this is only allows them to turn at critical times for surprise attacks but the control increases as the ninja gets stronger in rank till finally they have mastered total manipulation.
Requires chain extension
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: C

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